Something to do this weekend #10

Finally reached the first anniversary and therefore want to offer you today something very strange and unique, but in the meantime is quite simple. In this series of texts, as you saw, we suggest that you enjoy doing on the weekend — no lie. Things cushy, but give some sense of the integrity and usefulness of the day. Anything is better than just waking and probuhat this time and to go back to work in a broken state.

Read an essay by Kurt Vonnegut «a Man without a country»


We kill the life support system of this planet poisons, caused by all the thermodynamic whoopee we did here by using nuclear energy and fossil fuels, and everybody knows about it, and no one seems to care. We are the real crazies. I think the immune system of the planet is trying to get rid of us with AIDS, new epidemics of influenza, tuberculosis and the like.The original essay is called «a Man without a country, or America raged». Essay was published in 2005, but you got that already from the title — is the reference to the President. Actually, essay is a collection of thoughts of an old writer. Thoughts about everything that are structured in a specific message, which should make you wonder about the essence of his being. Written easy, a lot of humor and life.

The text reflects the author’s personal experience, are there many autobiographical passages, which Kurt Vonnegut is nowhere else mentioned. Insanely interesting read. Old wolf shares his experience with the younger generation, talks about his attitude to politics, wars, environment, love and happiness. But don’t wait there’s a rainbow of colors — Vonnegut did not forget to say that his generation fucked the world.

Listen to the prelude to the music drama of Richard Wagner’s «Tristan and Isolde»

We chose for you the full video of the concert with the Overture from «Tristan and Isolde» by Wagner. You could hear in the film of Lars Von Trier’s «Melancholia», which we greatly at the time, impressed, and ashamed to admit it, our acquaintance with the works of Wagner began with.

Unlike many composers, Richard Wagner sounds modern, so when you listen to it, you do not want to sleep, in the brain. the idea that «it must soon be off.» On the contrary, you delve into the music and understand that most modern artists are just children compared to Titan Wagner. If you liked the Overture, try to see the whole musical drama — it lasts about four hours, and there is a word, so try to find a video with subtitles.

Go to a sports game


If you do not live in Murom forests and neglected Siberian villages, it is likely that, your city open for various sporting events. For example, we have at the weekend will host two big football game, handball championship among her friends and several smaller events. We rarely go to the matches, but I often watch football with the screen. Now, despite the fell on Russia of the cold, we suddenly wildly wanted to go to the game. No matter what. We are interested to see even the girls who kicked the ball with his hands through the mesh.

See what games are taking place in your town. If you’re a football fan, then for variety’s sake, pick any other sport — it’s a very different impression will be. For example, once we showed up at Rugby. The game was pretty boring, but we watched an epic fight between two drunken men, who do not share the chair, although the place was full. But we are more about what going to the game, not just go to the game, but that creates the atmosphere of the event, is on TV will not see.

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