Something to do this weekend #1

Last week we ran into a hell of problem of modern existence — his own idleness. Not easy to find something for the weekend, and even so, which will bring benefit and joy at the same time. Besides, you always want specifics, not just «read a book» and «go to party». What book to read? Where to go? What to do? Well, you understand.

So, the power given to we announce a new series of texts which will get you from the shackles of laziness and will not help to spend the weekend in vain. We are not going to tell you about the benefits of a case, but simply to show you interesting stuff that we like.

Read «big fish» by David Lynch


Recently Theodore gray wrote an amazing text about David Lynch. When you read it, you can take the book to the Lynch, which is called «Catch big fish». It’s the only one translated into Russian language.

Ideas are like fish. If you want to catch a little fish stay in shallow water. But if you want big fish, you’ll have to go into the depths.

David Lynch –the Book was published in 2006, and has since acquired the title of an American bestseller. However, any reading that write this cult Director has already been automatically granted such status. We also more interesting themes of the book. «Catch big fish» is a book on the disclosure of internal potential of the person. Not necessarily just in writing, although it is tuned more for him.

Lynch connects his unique experience with the methods of meditation that helped the Director to achieve success. He talks about how to find a creative solution in business life how to find fresh, never hackneyed idea, and generally live the life of a man, and not man circumstances. A useful book, even if you never thought to associate my life with art, however, we discourage you too seriously the passages on meditation.

«Look Beer Hall Putsch», Doug Stanhope

If we are talking about a contemporary controversial comedian, first of all, we mean the American drunk Doug Stanhope, and then all the rest. There is still a Brit Jimmy Carr, but he’s «very British» and, at times, annoying with his jokes. Stanhope takes a big chunk of audience sympathy for its consistent and absolute selfishness, which is based on the Foundation of the painfully simple idea of complete freedom and total rejection of freedom. When some comedians are trying to walk on the edge, Stanhope, because of them drunk beer, stumbles and falls into the abyss of immoral humor. His views he often offends people who believe that humor is divided into acceptable and unacceptable. In the end, casually looked at the audience in anger trying to kill the comedian and throwing insults, leave the room under the cheers shameless fans of Doug Stanhope.

Whether Confucius, I said, «the Path length of a thousand miles begins with a hard anal rape in the screening area of the airport».

– Doug Stanhope –in General, if social love black humor without compromise, then you just need to watch one of the last spellow comedian. We chose for you «Beer hall Putsch» — to experience the most. Enjoy. And you screen children, the elderly and pregnant wife.

Once inside a horror movie and work the brain

Recently go a lot of good horror movies like the second part of «Curse» from which we were screaming like bitches. When we watched this awful film by James WAN, unwittingly caught myself thinking that if we place the main characters, I would have done differently. It always seems when I watch horror. I think he is smarter than everyone combined. It is a pity that you’re unlikely to be able to be on set for the foreseeable future (if you’re not an actor, of course), but you always have a real opportunity to play in a dark quest that will require you to concentrate the mind, clear memory and desire to win. It is best to go to them with friends because these games is a collective matter. On the other hand, happens when people find someone on the game right at the place of payment is, by the way, helps to meet new people, which is good.


On the website «World Quest» you can find information about best quest rooms Russian. If you live for example in Moscow, then I heartily recommend you click on such rooms as «the haunted Mansion», «the Last tour», «Curse», «a Nightmare on elm street».

If you live in places remote from the capital (as the editors, don’t despair — today quest rooms appear in all the major cities of the country, and the leisure time becomes terribly popular way to get outside of his house. So, on the website you will see a large list of cities where you can find your. A great alternative to a Saturday of drinking.

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