Something goes wrong: don’t do it with a friend

manygoodtips.com_2.06.2014_GMqruYERlYMmZMass culture has brought to our romantic lives of some nonsense, which we mix with our own conjectures and trying to interact with girls. It turns out badly. She resents you, and you think all women are fools, and do not seek to understand her feelings and thoughts. Stupid. There is, of course, the girls themselves decide issues and get offended. Moreover, a lot of them. But enough, and those who are logical in their actions, thoughts, and actions. There are such things, which in any case should not do in relationships, because they give you the very good man, but a foolish egotist.

1. To pretend that you listen to her

In the good, so to do not only with girls. When you’re not listening to his interlocutor, to hide it difficult if you’re not a born actor. She easily finds out you were pretending when you can’t remember the specific pieces of her personal life, for example, the name of her mother. Another thing, if you her words are white noise: it is obvious that nothing good will come.

2. To avoid her friends

The girl can be male friends. Sometimes it’s really the friends who even have sex with her not want. Sometime you have to meet with her friends and with her parents, of course, if you got any plans. In any case, consider that if you avoid them, you may feel nothing or just don’t want to bother unnecessary people? Concerning the latter it is safe to say that there is nothing to worry and tedious. Even if you run away, ashamed to look them in the eye will not be exact.

3. Overly chivalrous behavior

To have a guy who will hold the door for a girl every time, when the time comes, nice each. But if you drop forward, almost pushing the girl to be in the right place at the right time and open the door, when she could do that, you’re not doing a favor. It’s annoying. Worst of all, if you start to freak out when she doesn’t want to accept your advances or not on time falls hand. Behave like a knight-Nazis!

4. Constantly talking about how you hate women and «girly behavior»

Even if you keep implying that «she’s not like,» nobody will be nice to see a man so much inclined to generalizations. FYI, compilation is attributed to the intuitive world, which is more common in women. In General, you understand. It is worth noting that the guys who see nothing wrong in women, it is usually better interact with them than those who gush hatred. It seemed to hint.

5. To get upset and angry when she doesn’t want sex

Sometimes women do have headaches or they are not set on sex. Your upset after each failure in the vicinity will make her feel uncomfortable and her apparent frigidity. Someday she will agree to sex when she is really bad, but trust me: it’s not like you or her.

6. To laugh at her «feminine wiles»

Of course, when she is going for more than an hour, if its a bit hurry. In any case, I understand the main reason: she wants to look good. This is a cute joke without a second thought. But if you openly mock her in the worst way, for example in the spirit of «Why are you trying so hard, if that face can’t be helped?», it’s frankly insulting and degrading.

These links are unbearable chore comments before each release can bring the girl back to the complex and natriumvalproat clothed in a shapeless Bathrobe. Evil jokes not force her to do makeup faster. She will either freak out and leave you, or turn into a pathetic shadow of itself that will always wear a greasy ponytail and disdain even the most simple makeup. It is necessary to you? For comparison, imagine that it will constantly hang over your ear and tell you that you better tuck your dick in your pants whenever you go to the bathroom!

7. Food habits

All this sebsta that a normal guy is unworthy. Destroy in himself the roots of evil hipsters, man!

The reality is that we live in a society riddled with double standards and illogic. In the women’s Affairs lack of hypocrisy and inconsistency. Of course, we are not strong in these Affairs, but there are problems everywhere. If she takes something that does not agree with your perfect taste, quickly put a sock in it. Don’t tease a friend when she orders salad, she suddenly do lose weight? In addition, remember that the diet of green plants is great for anal sex.

8. To throw it for your friends

Friends more friends! This is the ideal. Life shows that a girl, especially if she really catchy, in all seriousness to overshadow the old comrades.

But if you’re under some important excuse not want to celebrate her birthday, a date or just sit together and run to a friends to play poker, it’s a black thing! Don’t make a habit of it, don’t make it a scandal that she absolutely does not give you personal space and you’re lone wolf McQuade. It can be understood — you simply break it.

9. To mock her dream and desire to make a career

Well, she wants to draw arts for Board games, even if it does! A mockery of the dream «baby» doesn’t make you bad, it’s the behavior of a gloomy cynic who long ago parted with all sorts of ambitions.

10. To think that she’ll become a housewife

Barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen — a very stupid type. If it ever comes to fruition, you’ll howl! When she stays home, buried all their aspirations and ideals, your lover will turn into a disgusting person in the world. If you think that every lady is born with the gene that makes it ideal as a cleaner or cook, you’re terribly mistaken. Who fits the role of a homemaker, and someone is necessary and important work. XXI century in the yard, I think, and in your head Domostroy!

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