Someone to go to College to make good money

Someone to go to College to make good money

To survive in this country, need to learn by heart as «our father», one important rule: always think about the future, but never do not count on it. It turns out, you learn, gather capital, work from morning till dusk, making plans, and then defaulted, the revolution, and welcome to a new world with a bare ass. And to somehow stay afloat and ensure their hard work comfortable life, it is important to find a good job, need paying. In all modes, at all times, even the heaviest, were the craft on which the demand was raised and craftsmen could afford a little and sometimes a lot more. After all, the country continues to exist.

Of course, to predict and guarantee that everything will come true, it can only be a desperate daredevil like Deputy of Krasnoyarsk city Council, who called Kadyrov’s a shame Russia and many other things unpleasant about it said. In the end, some time ago some «experts» claimed that there is nothing better than freelancing. Have said earlier that the job of a businessman is even better than Jesus. And in the Soviet Union, people with higher education came from the Institute, because factories pay more. It was difficult, but shoveled a bunch of analysts, after talking with experts, we have compiled a small list of promising professions for which you need to finish school. The demand for electricians and other working people always will be, but we all want to make his outfit of elitism at the expense of higher education and to get to Olympus, not wielding a hoe in the rain and snow.


Most of the money from those who work with them, from the time of Theodore Dreiser and his great trilogy, nothing has changed. Do not say much about the development of apocalyptic technology and the demand for engineers, Finance is Finance. Who wielded shekels jenami and others with gold, he turns the world. And even those who just believe. Top financiers, as now, will be chocolate. Behind them a sweet frosting covered financial analysts. Yet no economy without them can not do.

If in the 90s any entrepreneur can open your Bank, now among bankers is dominated by people with beautiful manners like the Queen of England, education and various business degrees. In fact, bankers today call the middle managers and senior managers working in financial institutions. It is not only good economists, but also managers and analysts. In the popular imagination it is the people in expensive suits, large offices, leave a signature gold Parkers. In short, Scrooge McDuck, and this banker is an asshole from «Harley Davidson and the Marlboro man».

Where they teach?

And where to go to learn? The necessary knowledge and skills can be obtained at economic faculties of universities, learned in the specialty «banking» or «Finance and credit». Most are willing to take a job, graduates of Financial Academy under the government of the Russian Federation, Higher school of Economics, Russian economic Academy im. G. V. Plekhanov, Moscow state University and MGIMO. But this, of course, a matter of chance. The main thing – character and aspiration. And don’t forget, here knowledge plays a big role, so to study and cram will have, if you want to become a highly paid professional.

Marketers and advertisers

Advertising – the motor trade, and advertisers – merchants of air and dream. Do not say, but this dream and this air of people being for thousands of years. Just in the usual sense is a relatively recent.

The goods will be made, competition will always be, to promote all the good looks, too, as you need to. Of course, if we’re not back in a time machine in the Soviet Union, when vosproizvodstva there was no competition, except that of the counterfeit.

In Russia, advertising is very rudimentary. She appeared only 26 years ago. The country will be more and more copywriters and creative producers. But only if it is a normal market. So marketers, brand managers, of course, PR-managers and other market strategists will have a good chance to get rich. However, as in any creative profession, there will exist a wide gap between the salaries of high-level professional and operational staff. So strive for the Golden throne.

Where they teach?

As for education, here the ideal would be to get a foreign education, because while the Russian Communist bear sucking his paw, the bald eagle has released new manuals on advertising and marketing. In Universities, generally teach outdated heresy, so it all depends on the level of development of the teacher. As a rule, taught by former historians of physics, and only now there are teachers with a proud inscription «advertising and PR» and «marketing» in the diplomas and, most importantly, experience in these areas. And that way, important knowledge is still get.


Today the so-called popular field of IT like never, after all, even big business, trying to go to the Internet, there’s more freedom and cheaper. In fact, online shopping is not just thrive. The more the world only began to computerservice, it only gets better. Competent programmer needed and important absolutely everywhere, even if the sky is angry and finally in Russia there will be your private Internet, then programmers can not do. Some will certainly even pay for it, to go beyond the domestic online space. That’s why in 2016 in Russia, computer scientists are ranked in the top the most popular. And there are a huge number of options, no matter how strange it seemed. And about the many professional options the younger generation never heard of: html coders, designers and programmers in different fields, software testers, system administrators and many others, their name is Legion.

Where they teach?

Of course, hone your talent and yourself, using guides, websites and books. But to become a real diverse pros, your attention is provided a wide range of faculties. the faculty of information systems and computer technology, faculty of Cybernetics and information security and applied computer science. Choose!


I agree, a little weird to see doctors in the top-paid professionals. Especially after that incident in Bryansk, where a furious low income doctor accidentally killed a patient. The last 80 years doctors though, and I think intellectuals, but in their pockets this is not much impact. Of course, if it does not apply to dentists, the world of light, cosmetic surgeons and surgeons. However, according to some experts, in 10 years the doctors will get what they deserve and will be included in the seven most highly paid professionals. The most popular and highly paid until 2022, according to them, will be neurosurgeons and rehabilitation specialists – those who will return our collected after accidents and other troubles of the body to a normal life.

In fact, others believe that highly paid doctors are the only qualifications. The average physician is unlikely to move in this group because it’s public sector.

Medicine of the future will become more and more high-tech doctors will cooperate with experts in the field of nano — and biotechnologies, genetics and electronics. Consequently, appear frightening summer nurses specialists nanomedical engaged in the service of nanorobots capable of inside «patch» the human body, as well as flash-surgeons that extend the capabilities of the human brain by surgery. However, the occurrence of a future they have not pushed for 10 and 20 years. Oh and don’t forget that high technologization of medicine will increase the need for engineers of medical equipment.

But don’t forget, a small, neglected towns, where the district hospital is a core value of forty for an ultrasound machine, such professionals are unlikely to accept. It is expensive. So hope for big cities – the more, the higher the chance to get nanomedical.

Where they teach?

Where is this taught? Of course, medakademiya. Be prepared for the long learning of all.


Based on the fact that in many major cities and regions of the country constantly starts forming large-scale production, while developing rapidly international industry partnership, at this stage there is an acute shortage of professional engineers, technical workers and middle managers in the workplace. The priority will remain a mix of technical, legal and economic education. No harm will have knowledge of English or any other European language.

Where they teach?

Any technical College – at your service. Engineering are waiting for their new recruits, the main thing – to choose the engineering field in which you are drawn.


Nanotechnology is a field which is based on work with molecules and atoms. Due to the fact that this area began to develop dramatically and gained tremendous support from the government, in the near future will continue to increase the demand for professionals of this industry. Nanotechnology used in engineering, space technology, medicine and the food industry.

However, there is a risk that funding will soon be closed, because of technology we spend a lot of money, and the return meager. «Rosnano» has become more a joke than actually useful. However, technologies are the future, and who knows, maybe your knowledge will find application abroad? In the 50’s everyone wanted to become nuclear physicists in the 90 – prostitutes, killers and biologists. This period, of course,… analogami.

Where they teach?

In many technical universities today you can get a profession with the prefix «nano». You can get the education in the field of «electronics and nanoelectronics» or «Nanomaterials» in some universities, for example, in the Moscow power engineering Institute (MPEI), Moscow state Institute of electronics and mathematics (MIEM), the University.Bauman and Russian chemical-technological University. M. D. Mendeleev (RCTU).

A St. Petersburg electrotechnical University » LETI is one of the world leaders in the field of nanotechnology. There you can get additional education in the areas of «Diagnostics of micro — and nano-systems», «Micro — and nanosystems engineering» and «Physical basis of nanotechnology».


However, do not forget a simple truth: in any field earn a lot only highly qualified specialists. Ordinary employees on gold does not wither. This rating is from the point of view of demand. Most of it consists not of the liberal professions. So, humanists do not need? Of course, we need. And if you have enough patience, then you are Golden and on your career, even if he studied at the librarian. And if you have no brain, and the financier you can’t be.

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