Some unpleasant facts about the strip bars, 9.07.2013, W8jQtgYJP8PcJWehbwONG3YMaEm652G8

The strip is beautiful. However, nobody cares about all these cool tricks that make professional dancers, like check box and other complex elements. It if anyone cares, they obviously will not find in most clubs. High — undress to the music. But undress.

Today we will tell you about several unpleasant facts that you should know if you want to go to strip clubs.

1. The choice of music

Most girls prefer to undress under many is already known, old, zaluchennya to the holes hits from the nineties or even eighties. Of course, it is not domestic pop, and foreign hit songs that you know. Sometimes dancers choose modern hits that you heard anywhere. Bro who are sick of pop music, it might spoil the fun of watching a Striptease, but such snobs there, as a rule, do not go.

2. Certain rules of conduct

First, the good strip club is always an institution with its rules of conduct. In some clubs it is customary to buy a certain number of drinks per hour for a certain amount. Of course, a good club is gallery: to touch is impossible, and very desirable. Of course, some clubs can and touch for an additional fee or worse — to fuck this girl. Well, it’s better than prostitutes? In the elite clubs for trying to touch girl you can run into the penalty, the face or never to get into the club.

3. Diluted booze

So, on this passion as saving in the strip clubs of all sizes. And this is coming from someone who even coke was diluted. Shame!

4. Lap-dances and dances in a private room

The most you can spoil the mood completely do the emotions of the dancer, who is trying to give passion, sitting in your lap. It looks worse than some porn films. Sometimes the girls frankly overplayed, forcing you to feel not so much a passion as the desire to sink into the ground from shame and laughter that you’re trying to hide. Understand, of course, that it is their work that the girls do not have sincere affection for you, but still, the girls try, and it coppery shame! But again — advice from a picky bro.

5. Little tricks

It is not strange, but there are people who visit the strip clubs to watch pole dance tricks. The fact that the real pole dance is a complex and very beautiful event, which uniformly shakes all muscle groups of the girl, making her agile, beautiful fit and mobile. And the stunts they do are simply amazing. And they practically do not exist in strip clubs. The fact that they are not even appreciated by the organisers and other dancers who are sure that the girl is doing more stunts and less writhing and naked, just to show off. So what tricks do not wait. Want to watch them — watch the championship half of the dens.

6. The other guys

Nothing kills the pleasure of watching a Striptease, as the other guys. Beautiful girls around, and look around: the darkness of drunken men, who shout, swear and humiliate the dignity of naked girlfriends on stage. Shockingly, the other, all spoil the fun.

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