Some burpees — exercise to make them all

some burpees

A long time ago I was in school, during school holidays traditionally spent three weeks at camp. There is, of course, not without various antics and shenanigans. Happened and pasta someone smeared night, and to drink alcohol, and night to get to the girls room. All these tricks we can get away with it, but not always. If we were caught behind some of these criminal classes, we waited for the punishment. What? Exercise in the camp was called «grasshopper», and have enlightened the world of crossfit calls it «some burpees». I hated it, but when I grew up, I realized that some burpees is a chic thing.

What is good about some burpees?

This exercise uses all of the body. Therefore, it is so like crossfitters any athletes. Exercise develops strength and breathing. Below I will talk about the benefits of some burpees read more.

Power. Some burpees trains from the entire body, making him stronger. With each repetition you are working on chest, arms, front of the Delta, hips and abs. Just trust me. When you do some burpees, then your legs burn in hell.

Fat burning. When you do some burpees, you strain from the entire body. Besides, this is a very intense exercise, so thanks to him, burned large amounts of fat. Studies have shown that high intensity exercises like some burpees, burn 50% more fat than conventional strength training. In addition, some burpees speed up the metabolism, which helps you to burn more calories throughout the day. If you want to lose weight, this is a great option.

The support form. Today many spend in the gym for hours, trying to make your abs like a washing Board, and biceps — on soccer balls. It looks good, but the muscle is of little use if you need to cut a thick tree or to save his life. Some burpees effective exercise for developing endurance, force and energy needed to overcome obstacles.

Free. You don’t have to pay for the gym, for a coach, for a pass to the pool to do some burpees. All you need is your body, gender, and iron will.

You’re not dependent on place. This exercise can be done anywhere. On the road? Do right in the hotel room. There is no gym membership? Go to the nearest stadium. Went to jail? Do the exercise behind bars.

How to do some burpees

Some burpees seem ridiculously simple exercise, which is operated from the entire body, but you will run out of steam after a few first times.

How to do classic some burpees:

  • Squat, resting his hands on the floor.
  • Jump, move legs back and assume the position for pushups.
  • And then bring back leg back as if to squat.
  • Jump up from squat position as high as possible.

The key point is to perform the above sequence of actions as fast as possible to exercise it effectively.

Some may think: «Hm, modification of sit-UPS!» So, something in this, but the difference in the jump at the end. This leap distinguishes the boy from her husband.

In addition, there are manifold variations which will kill not only your body but also the soul.

Some burpees with push-UPS. Do some burpees, as usual, and when you take a position for push-UPS, do some push-UPS.

Some burpees with push-up wave. Instead of regular pushups do pushups wave, as shows you this cute friend.

Some burpees + pullups.

Stand under the bar, to which you can jump. When you do some burpees and jump up, grab the bar and pull. Repeat. Did you hear that? It was the sound that died your soul.

Some burpees + running in place. That’s what I hate. As I said, this exercise was used in my deep childhood punishment. We need a coach. Are you running yourself on the spot, and then you give the command, and you’re doing some burpees. It’s awful!

Workouts based on some burpees

This is a very effective exercise, you can train quickly and effectively using only some burpees. Below we offer several training programs that will lead your ass back to normal.

Ladder descending. Start with sets of 10 repetitions. Then rest for a minute. Then a set of 9 reps. Rest for a minute. Continue to reduce the number of reps per set until you reach one.

100 some burpees. Very simple. Do one set of 100 reps some burpees as fast as possible. Usually I manage to overcome the first 20 in about a minute. Then I’m literally exhausted, and the remaining 80 take me like 15 minutes because I’m lying on the ground, resting between sets. In General, as it will, man. 100 reps for any price.

The 2-minute marathon. Note the stopwatch and try italnet some burpees as possible in 2 minutes.

Ladder with sprints. For some time, do some burpees (you should feel in good shape). Do a ladder with the first paragraph, and between sets instead of resting probely sprint, such as sprint. A few months ago I tried because I thought that was in good shape. I was wrong. After the second approach I was able to vomit. And this is a sign of a good workout.

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