Sold by the strangest house in the world in the shape of a volcano!!!

Dude, this place is called Bob hope, and it is in palm springs. Why is it called the Bob hope? Don’t know, maybe it’s a friend of the owner of the house, maybe it’s the owner himself, it is not clear, in short, but understandable for sure: this house is just gorgeous!

The cost was really not 50 million, but, in our opinion, it’s worth it. 23 366 square feet — that is, the area occupied by this strange construction. It is enough for many years, he made forty years ago in 1973 by John Lautner. Outwardly, it resembles the crater of a volcano. A huge hole right in the middle of the roof gives the people who hang out down at the pool the opportunity to look at the stars. The roof is made of copper, the house itself is made of plastic, metal and glass. Looks like the construction is simply unrealistic futuristic and more like not a volcano, a preliminary framework of a Confederation with typical science fiction.

house vulkan0013462579

house vulkan0043036169

house vulkan0122511114

house vulkan0202092029

house vulkan0306060502

house vulkan0391863236

house vulkan0501029875

house vulkan1440236852

house vulkan1835641601

house vulkan1973115800

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