SOL SURVIVAL KIT — a set for fans of survival

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Strange stuff in regular retail stores very poorly with the multitool for survival. Swiss army knife — though ass eat kits with handle-spoon-a screwdriver is also missing (but not less), but the kits are almost complete reduction of the number transferred in. things — enough to swear. Today we will tell you about a very cool multitool SOL SURVIVAL KIT.

Before us is actually a typical tool for survival. His body is made of bright and extremely resilient to all adversity of plastic — this color thing is hard to lose in the grass it is very noticeable.

Cabinet sharp knife (as without it?), led flashlight, compass, bells and whistles for a fire, a fishing line made of nylon (a small coil, can be changed), some fishing hooks, whistle, mirror for signaling, durable cord made from nylon, a few pins, safety wire. Most of the elements can be easily removed and used separately.

High-quality materials, and obscenely large number of functions personally, us some desorientee. The price is also a passion as happy — $ 60.

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