Socks that really worth to pay a lot of money, 9.07.2013, ehyYR3dOBfgBatrtLV10q74Skn2fzmpN

Dude, that’s socks. What we know about them? They are always lost and they always you need. All the time! How you can complicate such a simple thing like a sock? Yes, that’s the fact of the matter is that, it seems, is absolutely no. The sock is the same as the bike: he looks like he really can’t do anything supernatural. But as one man did something unreal with the bike and these guys have created supernose ATLAS Performance Dress Socks. By the way, these socks are scored on Kickstarter 100 thousand green for a few days. What is special about socks that people are willing to give that kind of money?

In these socks his feet do not sweat and do not heat. Special fabric structure and properties of fibers (can’t understand what they are), allow to deduce the socks to wet the surface of the foot, where it evaporates and cools. Of course, moisture is still inside the Shoe, but what prevents us to buy shoes with good ventilation?, 9.07.2013, I8X8l7aWf9haIQmdlPLvpYTQ4Yjtm4lO

The structure of the sock also has many advantages. Now you won’t get tired. Socks are a bit like orthopedic insoles, but, on assurances of creators, is much better. Apparently, they are perfectly damp. For dudes with sick joints or suffering from flat feet — not ideal.

So how much are these «smart socks»? You can buy them for $ 28. Many, of course, but of the options — though ass chew., 9.07.2013, CDSQZCVsAzqENVhpCuIi2NTzIOCQfBSG

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