Socks that change lives

Things actually can be very original. We do not even think that some items in our environment and in ourselves can appear in a new light. And we are extremely pleased with the fact that there are creative and resourceful people who are able to change the world. And if to be more exact — the world of socks. So, you didn’t think socks is just socks? Probably all representatives of this item of clothing in your closet is limited to only a couple colors. And if your life is as drab and boring as your socks, we know how to fix it.

Meet ST.Friday Socks factory, which employs bright and interesting people who are able to turn your view of reality. They make socks, wearing that just once, you’ll never be the same. And if we still don’t surprise you, then you should do it right now — to design some models had a hand and heart of famous Russian designers and popular personality. So you can show off your socks and proudly announce to everyone that you have the most that neither is designer socks.The design of each model of socks is unique — to create it, artists are going to surf the bustling streets and museums of modern art. Don’t know what is going on in their heads, but clearly something is very funny.

In the assortment you can find a limited collection. You will find that working on them popular musicians, artists and characters design.

It should be noted that in ST.Friday no Assembly-line production. All the socks individually and passed through the hands of living people, and not soulless machines. They are made from natural cotton of the highest class, and therefore does not tear after a week of wearing.

When you create a socks combed buckle is used in the result of socks make a very soft, hygienic and pleasing for your skin. Anatomical rubber band is made so that the sock did not slip and squeezed his leg. Heel and toe are made of celevoke thread, and it is in times stronger than cotton, so this is an excellent option of contraception.

The patterns on the socks — it’s not paint! This is natural cotton. To determine this, just look at the inside images consist of small loose threads. By the way, the choice can be a real problem, because to ST.Friday their number is just huge!

If the eyes diverge from such a number of socks, you should look at the presets. All the socks in sets made in the same style, but it does not happen again. We loved the sets, «Zoo», «Autumn in the garden», «Jolly-Girl» and «Hey-man». The store has women’s, men’s and unisex models. You can buy yourself one, and give the New year your friends, or your girlfriend. We will not soriginalnichat if you offer to wear with her models from the same set. If you still have doubts, here’s the important info: chance of orgasm is increased by 80% if you’re in socks.

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