Socks made of Kevlar


Real man is a matter of vital more severe things. As it happens, nothing we can do about it. Even socks just have to be strict, and what could be harsher socks… Kevlar?

Kevlar is an extremely interesting material because of its amazing durability. It is made from highly durable products to protect from heat, cutting surface, means of individual protection and for colony.

But this is only a small excursion into history. What you can do with Kevlar socks? First, that logically, they can just walk without shoes. You will easily be able to climb such toes on the sharp rocks, walk around town, not afraid to scratch his feet with glass and sharp stones. Perfect protection from cuts, bumps and other troubles. To be honest, we want these socks to go in them barefoot.

These Kevlar socks are in service in the Swiss army, protecting their foot soldiers from different troubles. But the price bite: 73 dollars for the socks. And see other wonders of the Swiss army on the site



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