Social tics, which you should avoid

From school you ass, because the man is supposedly a social animal. So, in society we spend most of our life, so it works. And make friends, and advance in employment, and even sex — all of these things are impossible without socialization.

When you talk to a pretty girl or dinner with colleagues, you always want to show yourself in the best light, and it will be harder than just happily joke (although it is not an easy task: sometimes of your jokes somehow don’t laugh). Many of us unconsciously constantly make compulsive movements, which speak for themselves do not notice. At foreign Internet such a phenomenon is called social mastics. So, read it, maybe you recognize yourself in any of the descriptions and draw conclusions, on what you should pay attention, not to annoy others without interruption.

1. Scrunch with your fingers

business man

The idea is that it’s unnecessary. Mom was right when she told you about it. It’s a vile habit, but any habit is good that can get rid of it. All you need to do a bit of willpower and concentration, and you can quit crunching fingers when I want to. It is also said that it’s bad for the joints (in the future, to sixty years). And others unpleasant now. It’s like grinding nails on a chalkboard or conduct of foam on the glass — ooh, gross!

2. Touching herself


When some people get nervous, they literally can not find a place. The nose scratch, the hair you hold, then watch yourself get better. Constantly adjusting my clothing and touching myself, you show that you are nervous. It may ruffle others. So keep your hands under control. It is important to look confident and relaxed.

3. To apologize for no reason

man with flowers

To be polite well, do not you think. But to apologize every time you open your mouth — it’s weird. Know are the types that any phrase beginning with «sorry». This is not a movement, but such is the annoying habit. When you’re hitting someone in the street to apologize. When you press your forehead inadvertently — then it is not necessary.

4. Too often to touch people

couple dancing

Sometimes to touch the back or to the shoulder of the other person — well, but, as a rule, touching is minimized. You don’t want to be the guy who constantly touches, especially among friends? This may seem creepy. Before touching someone, you owe him more or less acquainted. Take it a rule: if you touch the woman, and she responds without enthusiasm, do not repeat this experience, until she felt you myself. Although it may be mere coincidence.

5. To kill


Everyone loves to be the center of attention. But it is important to understand when a simple center of attention becomes the center of negative attention. Good to have charisma, to be funny and to take the initiative. But to kill people and to speak simultaneously with them — a bad tone. Wait for the right moment and stood up a word. You don’t want to look like bend over backwards to get you noticed?

6. To knock foot


You know it’s an expression of impatience and General nervous condition? And if you stomp so hard that within a radius of five meters items shaking, then it is generally worthless. Nobody likes that. Don’t do that. And no one is stomping when he is calm and relaxed, because it smokes your nerves.

7. Shifty eyes

a couple

Apparently, rare things are more unpleasant in everyday communication. If your eyes are constantly running, the interviewee becomes uncomfortable. Look at someone say, but don’t stare at him. Often maintain eye contact during communication, especially with a pretty lady, a lot of standing, but to scan the room in search of something unknown is far worse. Moreover, it is especially important to monitor the eyes when talking to women. Don’t be too inquisitive to examine it, don’t look at other women, do not be too often to translate the look — so many «no»! She observes everything. It just sounds menacing, it is actually normal bro it looks.

8. Ummmm


We all dilute our speech with shouts and various fillers of pauses, but everything is good in moderation. If you infinitely have a habit of talking to numerous «uh», «um», «well» and so on is different, impossible to talk with you. Think before you open your mouth. At least once a minute. Do not have to start speaking immediately, someone stopped. Take a breath. Speak steadily and surely, so much easier to hold the attention of listeners, than if you hurry and decorate your speech so that’s mooing.

9. Swear

a pair of welding

Sometimes the word «swear». Rare. Sometimes it fits well with the joke or anecdote. But to swear for any reason — idiocy. Even if this is just a language construct. It is not necessary to take an oath in a circle of unfamiliar people, especially women. If you’re serious, then the oath is just a sacred act, which is now rarely used. But if you just say — stop speak like an idiot.

10. Constantly look at your phone

the man with the phone

You don’t need the clock to be connected, even at work. Constantly look at your phone — another bad habit of the XXI century. Really it’s so important in your life that you can’t another minute without it? Take a break from the phone and get in a real conversation. Will do you good. You can even turn it off for more confidence. Then your conversation will be even more pleased with this attention to his person.

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