Sociable person: what to do with her friends-men?

Now comments are probably running with some dude and Express his damn idea, like between men and women can not be friendship. In fact, it currently may be. It’s not the friend zone when she uses a different, and quite a friendship: one other help out, listen, money, when necessary, to give. The main condition for this: the girl should not stand. However, sometimes it does not bother to be friends.

Personally, I have a couple of girl friends with whom I can talk on General topics and just have a good time. I have on them is not necessary. It is not that they are ugly, some of them quite think of anything, the fact that they for me do not fit into the concept of «female creatures». I do not take them as such. Actually, I realized this recently when in the presence of me the wife of my friend and at the same time my girlfriend stripped to bra to wear sweater. I’m not shy, and I felt nothing when she took off his shirt — the body in the bra, nothing more. And then suddenly came the realization: she is a woman, she has Boobs. And that’s all!

So you’re her husband, you have to be her first and best friend. Such is life, otherwise you will not last together, kittens! And then you suddenly discover that she has enough male friends. And this is not a veterans of the friend zone, just guys with whom she communicates. With some surprise you find that the number of male friends your girlfriend greater than the number of girlfriends, it may make you a little suspicious.


You realized that your girlfriend has little more than dofiga friends of the same sex with you. If it is surrounded by girls, they are somehow not enough. It does not sit in cafe with girlfriends, discussing makeup and clothes, it can with you and your friends to watch in a bar under the beer championship of the world. And she does it much more often. Why is this happening?

1. Your girl was a Tomboy growing up. She climbed trees, knew how to shoot a slingshot, fought, played in Segou, went to the section on football or martial arts and spoke with a childhood mostly with guys. You immediately realize that the girl was like childhood, when you realize that she always finds a common language with your friends, actively communicates with them, not making goo-goo eyes left and right.

2. She quarreled with all his girlfriends

3. She has typical male interests. It is not surprising that she has so many friends among men, if she is seriously engaged in sports, extreme sports, fan of «Star wars» or playing Board games or normal games. It is the interests, which have historically been the closest men specially created by men and for men.

4. Her family was much more than boys. She grew up in a strong father’s influence that soul in it doted, and was raised a Tomboy. She has several older brothers. Their interests were her interests, so do not be surprised that it is the essence of bro-girl.

Why would her male friends?

What a female wants from talking with these dudes? What they have in common? Don’t sweat it, man, girls want a guy-one of two reasons.

She can ask them for advice

Even psancam is not fully understood the nature of men, so they need a second opinion. In the beginning of a relationship a girl could ask your friends are you the man to get the normal male point of view. If a guy’s not into her, he will give a really worthwhile answer which will put to shame any advice from girlfriends because he is really impartial. To do this, girls need guys as friends, we give quality advice! Probably this is because guys are cooler Chicks.

They have similar interests

Movies with al Pacino, paintball, anime, archery, sports. In any wackiest hobby is always a kindred spirit, with whom you can discuss the works of Tolkien, Bukowski and how to swing correctly biceps. Personally, I always see at the gym girls-athletes, discussing with guys new methods of exercise and achieve industry supplements. Nothing surprising, you know, even no one wants to fuck not! Just talking.

Urgent action

If you don’t like a huge amount of dudes hang out around your lady, just remember one fact: the likelihood that she’d stop to chat with them whenever you like, is extremely small.

Get more information to understand who these people are. Ask her how they met, how long we are friends and that connects them. Befriend them to get more new friends and understand that they are not going to discourage you.

Let them know that you’re the dude one round with her, because if you ever hurt my friend or (PAH-PAH) if you hit him, you can ambush in a dark alley and pour on the first number.


Try to understand which of these guys could be her love interest in the past or even managed to get to her body. This will give you a huge tactical advantage and will help you understand where to wait for trouble.

Tinker tailor soldier spy

There are dudes who are all trying to show that they are «just friends.» It may be veterans of the friend zone, lovers and amazing the type of people who like to destroy the unions. These guys test the waters under your feet, waiting, and then may try to discourage you «prey». Unpleasant to realize that some pimply schmuck in certain circumstances may reach the body of your passions. How to identify a threat?

1. He is constantly calling her to concerts, to the theatre or invites him to do something together that she loves

You barely exist. He buys at the last moment two tickets and invites her to go somewhere she’ll love. And he does it so often that it seems like HE cares for her, not you.

2. He invites her to expensive restaurants or preparing for her elaborate dishes

Usually for a girl-friend can use the refrigerator, where she can find everything she likes, to warm up and eat. But here it meets a three-course dinner, cake and excellent wine of some kosher. Ah, you little bastard!

3. He often calls her somewhere

Without you, no friends, just her and him. Sounds like a date!

4. He is lying about you

Gossip — a thing unworthy of man. But this bitch talks about you the most vile things. Sometimes in the spirit: «Marinochka, as Vanya said that you strongly recovered in the last time!» If you realized that this dude is definitely on you slanders, it is necessary to do something.

Who is it?

You know that she is Roma, Dima, Kolya and this long-haired fuck, but then suddenly you learn that she had dinner with new friends Petya, about which you learned right now.

You have a right to be suspicious, because, honestly, men are not much interested in friends, women, we are more interested in women, and the friends we have. Here, I agree that when you meet a beautiful, interesting girl with similar interests, you’re much more interested in the fact that she was your girlfriend or mistress, not girlfriend. So do girls when they meet an interesting guy, they see him as a guy, and you see it only when not attracted to him. It is an axiom!

Understanding this fucking nasty thing you have to know when they became friends and why they became friends. To ascertain if you see him, if he has a girlfriend, and make sure the above characteristics in their relationship with your friend do not exist. But the main thing is to make sure he knows about you.

Like it or not, but you can’t ask a girl to make new friends. But if you really want…

1. Illustrative example. Ask her how she would feel if in your life there will be some Kate you will go to the theatres and exhibitions together, and then it’s nice to sit in a cafe for an éclair. If she tells you she don’t care, know or she’s not roads, or she’s lying, or she is unstable. Girls, this situation much more care, because they don’t understand why friends that are girls: people in the pair is unable without assistance to do the same thing that guys do with girls friends. Think about this double standard.

2. Honesty is cool. Tell her you are not cool at all to see around her hanging around a new guy, tell her you are not happy with the situation. Just remember that girls, like animals, are more interested in the tone of a speech than in its content: the more guilty your speech can be, the more likely that it was «just a friend» will be her more attractive than you are a tyrant and a Prosecutor.

3. Tell her you want to meet him. It’s like killing two birds (three even!). Are you interested in her friends, you show that bitch who’s in the house dad, and you look at the reaction of the girl. If it starts to get out, you know what to do!

4. To distinguish between. If one is interested in the other person more than you, it is always visible behavior change. Only a complete chump won’t notice. She became more closed, call her at night, and you even know who. Tell her about it. Delineate yourself and «friend» and expect that it can you to confess. This is an extremely painful procedure, man, to realize that this guy is not just a guy, and she didn’t tell you immediately, like a normal person, but it will make you better, more experienced and wiser.

Anyway, friends are always a problem. Regardless of gender. If they took you — all will be well. If you do not take — all will be bad. The more serious the relationship, the more the priority in the direction of love and not of friendship. Especially in women. Friends fade into the background, and then can disappear altogether from our lives. Here’s hrenota.

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