Sober among drunk: an inconvenient truth

sober among drunk

On this rare and unfortunate event where you’re forced to be sober at the party with your friends! You awkwardly sit at a table and sipping a coke, yet all these idiots getting drunk and having a blast. Then, if you have a car, you’re going to deliver everyone home, like a modern mother Teresa, in the most godforsaken areas, and there you will meet their relatives, who, of course, will not let go without tea and also tell you all about my childhood that drunken bloke. Anyway, one day we will all have to be the only sober person in a society drunk a lot of people.

When you see in front of this picture, much clearer to understand exactly how alcohol affects a person. Your eyes the weirdest scheme drunken behavior of people and social trends that sober everyone will consider at least absurd.

Here are a few things I personally noticed until two years did not drink and continued to spend time with friends.

1. The phenomenon of drunken friendship

Drunk party strange: they all love each other! All relate to each other very sincerely, start a conversation for the life and spills his guts to those who up to this point seen only once. However, a drunken mind sees this vaguely familiar person, remembers that once he had seen, and on this basis concludes that in front of you is your best friend. And away we go! It reminds me of the movie «Fight club» where brad pitt says to Edward Norton about disposable friends the aircraft you’re sitting next to them, talking with them, enjoy the conversation, and then leave the plane and never see them no more. Replace the word «plane» to «drunk party» — the meaning remains the same!

2. To interfere in any case it is impossible!

Even from an early age I constantly hear that to interfere with anything «beer wine and shit.» Folk wisdom can not lie! All know this and still continue to drink everything without any system. Drunk husband drinks any alcohol, which will put in front of him.

And I would attribute this principle to a self-made cocktails. Why? Because one usually does not know how to mix them in correct proportions. In the end, «Bloody Mary» hinder almost in the ratio of 50:50, but whiskey and coke is more reminiscent of a whiskey neat with a hint of flavor. In short, the better the guys are always drinking one or the other.

3. A serious attempt of a pickup truck — is very funny

I watched as my fairly tipsy and brave friends try to pick up girls on these predictable and extremely poor strategies. They were pathetic speech, in the end they themselves had been sad and too convincing (maybe it is this type dudes interested in pick-up?). When their strategy is to be cool is not working, they are dressed in a manner strange and awkward loser, where are the rest of the evening.

In the end, of course, it is a shame, especially when the drunks start screaming that women from the other end of the room.

4. Some men have a serious identity crisis

Understand that each person lies how many times a day, and this is statistically proven. I think the most lies have at parties. Some dudes got drunk, lying just a masterpiece. They’re lying to each counter girl and have fun. And some are lying just from the uncertainty.

Some attribute such achievements and wealth that they really need to see a doctor. They make this bulky it’s a lie that nobody believes, which is not forcing anyone to be interested in their personality, just their shame. A very sad story.

5. Girls are very tense

Strange thing, but somehow the girls are far more often fighting at parties than guys. I do not know what it can be connected. I don’t mean that they swear to each other: just start to resent, to complain, to cry, to weep. They often get drunk and go to the toilet or bathe, you understand why. They pointedly staring at the phone as if it is very boring, but nobody cares: all the fun and ignore this one-man show. Relax, girlfriend, it will be pleasant to all — including yourself.

6. The party itself sucks

It’s not so bad. To be sober among the drunk idiots — this is something there. You see everything, nothing escapes from you. You’re literally in the first hour can predict will all come off, or this bunch will become a model tuh-party. You know who should stay away so he won’t lay down or not started with you a long and boring conversation. Others are not insured and may not notice the blatant lameness of the party. You will see all the events of the night in all its glory. Then you can fill the gaps in other people’s memories, and it will bring you great pleasure.

7. You can be a hero

Now you answer for everyone, which makes you a very positive person. This does not mean that you will not be able a priori to have fun tonight. This means that you will not become stupid from alcohol, so good. You are guaranteed not to get yourself into some trouble and won’t get into the story.

You can even be heroic. You can be the mediator between quarreling people, you can solve other people’s disputes to be a DJ and a man who distinguishes the good from the bad. You can even save someone’s life, what the hell.

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