So you want to be a husband!


In modern techno-industrial culture it is possible to pass from childhood to old age, even not knowing the courage. ~ Edward Abbey

Many years ago I became a father. This fact changed my whole life. More than anything else, this fact got me thinking about what I want to become a real man. There are several events in life that society defines as a quality of a real man: higher education and applying for a job, getting married, buying a house and the birth of a child. In most cases, right or wrong, they are used as indicators of Mature men who appreciate the transition from childhood to adulthood.

I noticed this a long time ago because he has fulfilled the entire list. Blows to the back from friends of my dad, a roar of approval, a chorus of voices «do You develop», pointed to the front door and membership in men’s club. These things have become commonplace in my life. Now don’t get me wrong. I do not despise all these things and not consider them to be unnecessary. In fact, I enjoyed them. Deep down, every young person wants and needs approval older men that will show him that he is equal with them.

Do these events in life are the best indicators of courage? This is not always the case, because there are many men who are proud of their male body, have beautiful and expensive clothes that have degrees, found a job… So what are the factors that really determine, the young man crossed the line separating childhood from adulthood?

I wonder if there is in fact a holistic process of forming something intuitive, it is more of a process of «conversion» or struggle with humility? That inflates our ego and leads to the formation of the «johnny» which is proclaimed in the culture, as an example of a real man. As I traced my manhood and thought of the men whom I respect, in the result, identified the following traits that truly define what it means to be a man.


No man has ever risen to the real height of spiritual manhood until he realizedthat much more beautiful to serve to yourself, than to serve someone else. ~ Woodrow T. Wilson

The man lives for someone or something greater than himself. When you listen to the conversations in most schools, you immediately will notice the main topic of conversation, which is featured in an issue of utmost importance «I am Sam». When we are young, most of us think that the world revolves around us and can’t even imagine that we are only a small part of a much larger world.

Most men would say that marriage and the birth of the first child mark the first steps from childhood to courage. Why? For many of us this is the first time we committed ourselves to care about the other person, it is a direct attack on the Kingdom «I, myself» in which we grew accustomed. However, marriage and children are not necessary for the transition to courage, taking care of someone can take many forms. A huge number of big men gave their lives to achieve great goals, something very noble. Target or the children about whom he cares, really necessary for becoming men.

The sequence

Real men are the people can expect more. They just say do it or appear in the right place at the right time. To be a man means to be consistent. Later, the phenomenon on the job, the lost promotion, missed calls, and the total absence of concentration are all signs of immaturity. Anyone can make the right and good things, but the ability to do these things is what you are guided, looking at the men. You look at a person’s ability to do certain things before he did something, and trust my husband because he is consistent.

For many men, the sequence is a must as that helps to achieve the desired, it is an attack on disobedient people or circumstances that is expressed in the phrase: «I’ll do what I want when I want» attitude, which so are proud of many. This independence assures us that it is a sign of masculinity. Actually independence is very easy thing that can reach all young people. Absolute independence often masks the immaturity and unreliability. However, men who have people who rely on them, men with responsibility are real men.


My power is smirenie ~ Walter Russell

About humility is often thought of as «soft» limits. This is not the first thing that comes to mind when we think of «man». Audacity is often demonstrated by those who have very little reason to be cocky. The unreliability of these people paraded because they crave congratulations and praise, which so desperately need. Real men do not consider it necessary to obtain a higher esteem and respect than all the people around them. In fact, they often share his glory with people who are around them.

You will be able to trace when learned men in history whom we consider great or heroic. Their life is often characterized not by how high they tried to present themselves in relation to other men. In the incredible movie «Gladiator» we see it shows the most compelling way. Cowardly son of Marcus Aurelius fought to disguise his own insecurity through arrogance and insane lust for power.

On the contrary, the hero Maximus, the epitome of masculinity, consistently chooses restraint and humility. He cared about the men around him and taught them the art of fighting in the arena, not considering himself more valuable or worthy. The result? He was idolized men, and many gave their lives for him. Big power Maximus was in his obedience.

Selflessness, consistency and humility. As I analyzed those around me of men, has identified these three traits as defining characteristics of becoming a man. So, I feel like a man? Honestly, I often feel like just yesterday I played football at the school stadium with the guys. But the process of maturation of non-stop walking. The important thing is that I still have a lot of things, what we should learn, and maybe this is exactly what helps to become a real man.

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