So you need to protect your store

So you need to protect your store

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The dignity of a real man is always considered courage. Currently a lot of effeminate indie-hipsters, and they don’t feel that you need to protect your family, home or work until the last drop of blood. But these guys, who are still suffering on our planet, inspire us with respect and timid hope.

A normal day in a normal American supermarket, behind the counter is the store owner and part-time seller in the name of Louise Quisp. At the checkout, paying only the buyer, peace and quiet. When suddenly burst into the store, two armed tough guys, one of which grabs a buyer by the throat, threatening with the weapon Louisa and demanded all the cash from the cash register. Second dude comes behind the counter to pick up the cache, but the store owner doesn’t want to pay honestly earned money to some freak, he pulls out a baseball bat and notably has come for the money the robber impudent face.

Stunned the man, squeezes a throat of the visitor, fired several times in Louise, but he didn’t stop, although at least one bullet hit the target. Louise a few times beats the robbers with a baseball bat when they try to get revenge, on those fleeing. However, one returns, but he’s got a good bat on the important parts of the body.

Robbers-losers leaving the scene, and Louise phlegmatic examines the wound on his leg, takes the phone and dials the police. And it’s harsh, dude. We recommend you watch the video from the surveillance camera.

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