So you decided to get a dog. Part 2

Dogs will probably remain the most convenient animals. Cats are also cool, of course, but the practical meaning of them much less. And then four-legged creature can be your friend and protector, and devourer of your money. So, dogs are expensive. But if you’re a good owner your dog, you will be obliged to spend money on regular veterinary examinations, and other unpleasant, but important nonsense. But can it stop a real dog person? We think not.

In General, we will not force you to wait long and finally continue the story about the secrets of different dog breeds: the nice, the dangerous than annoying and that they can love. We will start with the most controversial dogs in the world. Everyone on pit bulls!

1. American pit bull Terrier

Every self-respecting gangsta rapper needs to be a dog, especially if he lives in some ghetto and every night it is open shooting the Texas Rangers. But in the CIS this breed love, as a rule, people do not know how to get along with her. Therefore, we can see a lot of sad episodes with pit bulls when the latter tore off a limb or two their clueless owners.

And here’s the strange thing, because despite the fact that these dogs first were not more aggressive than their ancestors of the bulldogs, they become real killing machines. Targeted training fighting qualities came to fruition. However, not so clear.

The breed itself originated in Europe, not in USA. In the New World she was thanks to the Irish immigrants somewhere in the late XVIII century. Pit bulls were bred for dog fighting really, thanks to them they got their name: the pit – the pit for dog fighting. Their migration to the States associated with sudden roll of public opinion about these games. The organizers of dog fighting began to be persecuted, especially in England. But the money for this bloody show, as before, you can earn a lot.

A major role in the development of the breed was played by Irishman John Colby. He helped to stand well on its feet and make it something systemic. Dogs have cultivated it for the ring, like everything else in his time. The appearance of a pit bull at that time was not as important as his fighting characteristics. The experience of the Flask came to taste other American breeders. The result is the name «American pit bull» and not «European», as the Americans increasingly took part in the development of this insane breed. Until now, these dogs are among the breeds unrecognized by the international cynological Federation. Moreover, in some European countries, they are generally prohibited to import. Others, such as Germany, are limited to the introduction of an additional tax for the maintenance of these fighting dogs. A bad reputation, so to speak.

If you touch the exterior, the Pitbull gives the impression of a powerful, strong dog. Relief muscles and a certain thinness. These dogs should not be fat. The head is quite big, the jaw too. And it’s much more difficult, because the personality of this dog creates the man himself. A pit bull can be easy to raise in an aggressive manner, for many years their main goal was the willingness to fight. However, this dog can grow in a rather friendly manner. Dog handlers highlight the importance of the childhood dog. In this period laid the basis for the formation of the future character. Special attention should be paid to factors that can injure the psyche of the dog. In General, the most important thing in this respect is proper exercise. Without it better not to have that monster be a lot of problems. Especially do not pay much attention to coaching against the man. Yes, there are idiots who take the pit bull for this. Usually these guys end their lives in the area, because the difference between this dog and the German shepherd in terms of attacks on humans is very important: pit bulls are always striving to strike the most vulnerable parts of the body.

The dog food is unpretentious. Although it is best to feed a dog raw meat if you’re confident in its quality. But from the usual food no one will not give up. Do focus on balanced meals – all as humans. In General, we will not discourage you from buying a puppy of this breed, but first make sure you’re an advanced breeder and will be able to properly raise a dog.

2. Rottweiler

Fully justifies its title of service dog. The homeland of the Rottweiler finds a place called Rottweil, Germany. Some historians claim that this breed took part in the Seven years war. But the origins of the breed can be found in the distant past. For example, such dogs were seen in the Roman legions, and some are talking about the connection with ancient Egypt. In any case, they have dark pages of the biography. In the postwar period, Rottweilers were guarding the infamous GULAG. And restoration of breeding black Terriers», the breed was called the Soviet livestock specialists, led by Beria.

But let’s not dwell on the past. Now these dogs get along perfectly in the various power structures and rescue services. They are easy to seek out people who are stuck under the rubble of buildings after earthquakes. These dogs are now really benefit the person.

If you decide to get a dog, you must be sure that you have enough for this time and place. Representatives of this breed is huge, which weigh fifty pounds, and Packed with muscles. They have a large head and powerful jaw, which has an unusual power. With this dog you’ll often have to go out for Jogging, walking and generally lead an active lifestyle. Physical activity should be regular, because the dog is by its nature not much movement, and you must make her to love to work the muscles.

The dog is quite docile, especially when compared with the pit bull Terrier, but his need to train. Many hold so-called test for aggression before taking a dog. Perhaps this was unnecessary, but if you take an adult dog, that to neglect them is not worth it. The dog is still large and may present for any guy, even for a muscled wrestler, danger. The Rottweiler should not be kept in isolation, otherwise on walks he could easily throw at strangers. To teach people need in the early stages. Of dog makes an excellent watchdog as a Rottweiler, in fact, the owner. And the property he considers not only a doghouse, and the adjacent territory.

3. Chow

I guess we got you severe dogs that can chew through your throat, eat your cat and not even choke. Because just a cool and beautiful dog. As such, we believe the breed Chow Chow.

Weird, but Chow is on the list of oldest breeds of dogs. This is such a top 14 breeds that were researchers in 2004. The point is that in these 14 breeds the DNA test showed the smallest difference from the genotype of a wild wolf. Chinese Chow Chow was among them, and there was a rock in the III century BC.

The dog itself is amazing and unique. He was bred in Buddhist monasteries for many hundreds of years. And in Europe introduced the famous Marco Polo. And although now the dog performs rather a decorative function, he is essentially a guard dog. With this dog you will not get bored. Similar dog the shaggy, lion, and so – sunsi-Chuan – call this breed in China. The rock has a lot of features. For example, these dogs really eat in North Korea, however, all this is not a widespread as some think. A Chow-Chow on top, blue tongue, this alone proves its uniqueness. There is a beautiful legend, which, perhaps, many have heard: interesting animal licked the edge of the sky, while the God was engaged in creation of the world.

And now about the difficulties with the breed. If you have previously had a German shepherd that is renowned for its ingenuity, the Chow Chow you seem, to put it mildly, stupid dog. But this is a common feature for many Asian species. They need time to adapt, they thoroughly examine the conditions and the host. So, if you want your dog remembered some of the commands, then be patient and do not show aggression. Training should start from an early age, or you’ll be late. This breed famous for its stubbornness, which proves the study conducted by researchers at the University of British Columbia. Based on this research, the Chow Chow was at the end of the list of «success». To put pressure on the dog is not recommended.

Disadvantages the dog compensates for devotion as well as guard house. Yes, this is true, such a fluffy ball can be a good watchdog. Again becomes effective ownership, through the prism of which the Chow Chow and appreciate the world. They think everything belongs to them. But it plays into the hands of the owner, if he leaves one dog home. Handlers emit a stable mind Chow. These dogs rarely panic and is never a source of unexplained aggression. Also dogs of this breed do not particularly like to make contact with strangers, but they just love the owner, so Chow can be very jealous animals. Overall, we like this dog, despite some disadvantages. Still a good dog owner may well raise a good and obedient dog. By the way, the Chow Chow is a dog of Elvis Presley, the «king» of bad advice could not.

4. Pug

Many people think that a pug is never courageous breed, and this dog is withdrawn and the place in the series the Terriers and other «supplier» entities. But it’s not. To be a tough dog, do not have to possess heavy weight, great growth and a huge jaw. Some dogs are simply created in order to hang out with you on the couch while you drink beer and watch Boxing. Not all dogs need to be fighters.

What you need to know about the pug? Well, this is a dog that lives 15 years, very small and unlikely to protect you, and themselves too. But the pugs say very different things. First and foremost, you need to look at history. Pugs originated in China, God knows when, but the most popular breed in Europe. Pugs loved to have noble families, among them was the house of orange, which for a time ruled England. Then pugs loved Queen Victoria, and of our the Romanovs was not without this breed. Another interesting episode from the history of the breed: when in 1736, the Pope banned Freemasonry in Germany, members of the order changed its name to the order of the Pug. In the end the dog became a symbol of the secret (not so secret, since we know it) German masons.

But now, in fact. 2-3 years old the pug is notable for its unusual vigor. Then the dog gets older, and her energy fading away. She becomes more relaxed, more static. Pugs are good because they are not aggressive, just enough for them to care in an urban setting, they can lie on the couch all day, but also fun to play a typical game for dogs. You can not be afraid for the cat, if you find yourself a pug. No aggression between them will not.

About the care. Pug may ask you to feed him even when it is absolutely not necessary. So you need to follow the diet. Nail trimming and wiping of the folds with a cotton pad is a regular procedure. Well, everything else, as have periodic checkups at the vet, occasional bathing. Pug is not a girly dog, it’s just a new level of brutality.

5. Labrador Retriever

One of the most popular dogs in the world that can be described in one word – hard working. And this is not surprising, because it was bred as a dog for serious work. They were guide dogs, rescue teams and even helped the fishermen. The breed was developed in Newfoundland, on the Eastern coast of Canada. It was a harsh nineteenth century. Several decades later, in 1887, established the first breed standard. By the way, first, all Labradors were black.

Which may be useful for the dog? So for everything! Even if you’re a hunter, you may as well use it for these purposes in the Russian context. The dog excels at hunting for ducks and marsh-meadow, upland game. Among hunters, the breed is gaining popularity, mainly because of the mild nature, obedience, and ability to get along with other Pets. And as you are aware, the eternal problem of hunting dogs.

Besides, don’t you want to have a Labrador and call him Brian Griffin? By the way, this dog is actually quite smart, easily trainable, good-natured character wildly. It’s not just that the Labrador has become a kind of symbol of happy family in Hollywood movies. Not tolerate loneliness, very playful. Guard dog of the Labrador is so-so.

If you decide to get this dog, then pay attention to the ears. They need to be cleaned regularly, otherwise the dog might get a nasty infection. But wool is better not to touch. It has the ability to cleanse itself. To communicate with the dog you have, it’s not a pug, so regular walking, regular exercise will become a part of your life.

What ever may be the arguments in favor of a dog? Well, for example:

– Labrador clever, silly dog wouldn’t be able to become mayor of the town of cormorant, Minnesota;

the Labrador is an excellent detective, bad COP couldn’t find 490 loads of drugs and get the Gold Knight’s Medal.

In General, it is possible to take.

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