So you decided to get a dog. Part 1

Sooner or later your mind may receive that idea. And why not? Not for our prehistoric ancestors domesticated the wolf, so you don’t want to find yourself a dog. And yet before the dogs were needed more than now. With them went hunting, they really guarded the house (now, too, but «vicious dog» will never be an obstacle for robbers with guns). Everything else you may think that keeping a dog is very simple. Buy her food and walk sometimes that’s all that matters. But it’s not.

In our country, frankly speaking, Pets cost a penny, even the thoroughbred. Yes, they cost money, but they do not compare with the sums that you give the animal, for example, in Japan or Britain. And all because if you throw a dog in Russia, there is nothing you are not behind it, even the rotten society will react, despite the large number in Russia to cushion the animal. Therefore, the choice of a dog should be treated seriously. You’re not a child and needs to understand that each breed has some advantages. Some dogs will be very hard to live in a temperature environment of your region, some need a spacious aviary, and without it they just go crazy, and is completely unpretentious dogs. When you are kept in inappropriate conditions the dog, you’re torturing yourself, don’t you forget it.

1. Mongrel

manygoodtips.com_2.09.2015_RB2ABtZGZcopBOption for cosmopolitan and for those who don’t care – main thing is to love». To predict the nature of mutts is impossible, and the mere sight too. But we can say that a lot of them, you can pick up someone, just out on the street. So you, besides, free your area from stray dogs that cause trouble to many people. If you don’t care the breed, and you scorn those people who pre-purchase the dog reads all of the genealogical tree of the animal, the dog for you. And there already as it is brought up so brought up. Most importantly, do not forget to check the animal for diseases and spend a little money on the vet to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

2. German shepherd

manygoodtips.com_2.09.2015_huNHW8nrbtEe9If you like practicality in all, this dog for you. German shepherd for the past 100 years serve man. It was used during the two world wars, it is on service in police, army, everything else, it’s the best guide dog. Rock itself perfectly balanced and self-assured. Well muscled and elegant execution make it the most common choice for law enforcement agencies, and even rescuers. Very loyal and obedient. This dog just will not sit on the couch when you need help.

The whole life of a German shepherd in Ministry. Easy to train, adaptable to difficulties. But such a dog cannot be kept all the time under lock and key. This animal is very active and needs training and long walks. However, when dealing with such relatively large, the dog needs to show strength of character, sometimes rude. When you’re raising a strong animal, affection is not the best strategy.

3. English bulldog

manygoodtips.com_2.09.2015_ypwiUFoFFniUNAt first glance is sloppy and funny breed, which, however, always popular with many mighty of this world. Although Churchill house, surrounded himself with cats and a poodle, the photographs he posed it with a bulldog. For the British bulldog means self-confidence, quiet strength and General «good old England». If you want to feel prudish, conservative asshole, take this dog you will not regret.

The breed was originally created as a fighter, but soon became a decorative, losing their fighting qualities. It is difficult to imagine that the bulldogs were hunting for wild boars, and in Russia they are generally used for brutal entertainment – baiting of bears. In General, this dog is calm, balanced, and very good-natured. Perfect for keeping in the apartment. Not to quarrel with other animals, even cats. Also won’t get you when you’re working. The English bulldog is very calm, the dog does not need long to walk and moreover subjected to serious physical stress. The only problem with this dog is only in the washing of the folds on the face. Otherwise, this is a typical dog for lazy people or, as it is called, «diva-guard dog». Such a dog we would ourselves have made. Would eat with us burgers while watching another series. By the way, he’s still in love with split, and air conditioning, as it does not tolerate heat at all: if the thermometer is over 30 degrees Celsius, the dog can catch the overheating.

4. Boxer

manygoodtips.com_2.09.2015_CHHso8aTj4QlwThe breed was originally bred for dog fighting, and it received the name because of the way the fight: boxer attacks with its front paws like a human. Dog fighting has long been under the ban, and replaced the boxer came other fighting breeds that are much more effective. So now the dog can be an excellent guard. Surprisingly, this breed has a relatives ancient fighting dogs from viagara of Tibet. Despite the fact that boxer is confident enough, he still doesn’t like to be alone. Very attached to his master, fearless when it comes to danger. Distrustful of strangers, but cheerful and friendly to those he knows. Easily trained, quite unpretentious, and that is very important in terms of urban life, very neat. The breed itself is very playful, even the old boxers like to bother master in this regard. You can easily accustom to cats. You need to feed regularly, three times a day. To train a dog as much as possible, the more the better. It depends on your time. Better not to have this dog if you can’t give him enough attention. Too sociable and playful animal.

5. Doberman founder of the breed – Doberman Adolf – put it in the middle of the XIX century in Russia, however, the dog came in the twentieth century. Overall this is a good dog that needs a strong hand. Alertness and peacefulness, intelligence and good ability to execute commands. If you want to own this dog, it is necessary to keep it within strictly defined limits. To prevent nervous excitement and excessive emotionality of the dog. And this will not be easy, if you yourself are spineless, after all, the Doberman is quite impulsive. Also this breed is credited with the distrust of outsiders, courage, vigor. Doberman likes to participate in fights, he is very sensitive to the psychological situation at your house. If you carry all day in the family, and the dog is quite aggressive and nervous, which can lead to tragic consequences. Therefore training need to pay special attention to the development of the instincts of a defender, the morale and readiness to fight. Otherwise the dog will be very shy. Can contain directly in the apartment, the main thing – regularly to walk the dog. Dogs themselves clean, mainly due to its short coat. In General, this dog isn’t an English bulldog, which can be put on the sofa and forget. Need to work with it, otherwise it should not start. But, fortunately, the Doberman is smart enough and trainable excellent.

6. The Caucasian shepherd dog

manygoodtips.com_2.09.2015_2QjCjciJzM7yPAmazingly beautiful dog. The breed is also considered one of the oldest, as is known, and for more than two thousand years. The history of the breed is quite interesting, since, under one version, it comes from the so-called Tibetan dogs. According to another version, the homeland of the dogs is ancient state of Urartu, where he found images of dogs, very similar to a Caucasian shepherd. In Urartu dogs were used as guards of cities and fortresses. In the XVIII century, the Caucasian shepherd dog was used in the Turkish army, but Russia began to use this breed to guard duty immediately after the conquest of the Caucasus. Put aside the history and talk about the nature of most dogs. First and foremost, the dog is clearly not for the apartment and maybe not even for the city. So if you have a cottage or a country house, it is better even not to buy.

The dog seems huge as long as you don’t wash. The massiveness dog is kept largely due to the thick wool that warms in the winter. The ears you can not arrest, although usually do this, but you would not wear to protect flocks of sheep, and hence the need disappears. Why cropped ears before? For more effective struggle with the predator, because if the wolf will bite the dog’s ear, you fight, she’ll cease a very strong pain.

The nature of the dog is courageous, determined. Like many other dogs, the Caucasian shepherd dog is very distrustful of strangers. To train harder, than standard utility breed like a boxer or German shepherd. But better still just make an effort to train her. Otherwise, will always run away and misbehave. Good traits of the breed the following: high psychological stability, independence (previously they often had to rely only on themselves, while stalking a herd), intelligence, wit, unpretentiousness in food, stamina, willingness to Spartan conditions. In General, if you have the farm and wide open spaces for walks, then this dog will become your great helper and friend.

7. The East Siberian Laika

manygoodtips.com_3.09.2015_xT5CwXDw7e8WjOne of the most popular hunting dogs. Native Russian breed that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also useful in many ways. Ancestors of the East Siberian Laika was hunting and sled dogs Evenk groups, but from the beginning of XIX century in Russia were selected only certain individuals from this group for further breeding. Until recently, the breed is not particularly popular among «dog people», but now I love all huskies. However, to live in the city they do not simply, after all the dog was not created for a comfortable life in the city. Among the positive qualities include: high adaptation to the environment, dexterity, resilience, courage.

The East Siberian Laika is the most versatile dog for the hunter, and if you want to see her best qualities, you definitely have to go with her to hunt, and to train it is necessary in accordance with the purpose. The man is very friendly, that’s why they are so guard yourself. The heat transfer is very bad, if you live in the southern regions of the country, we expect that in the summer the dog would just spend all day lying under the split. But when the time comes to walk, there will be her finest hour: the storm of energy, of happiness in the eyes of the pet.

The apartment contain of the East Siberian Laika is not worth it. The dog needs space, besides it leaves a lot of wool. If you’re not an active person, it is not worth buying it, but who’s gonna stop you? In any case, if you your main time prefer to hold a book or TV, but are chosen only during the campaign to work, this dog is not for you. Laika is a very affectionate dog that gives the energy during the hunt and hunting bear, wild boar and smaller game. If she has no desire, she will direct their energies in a destructive direction: goodbye beautiful sofa and grandma’s vase! In the food unpretentious and also happy with their ability to have «in reserve». The conclusion is: don’t buy this dog if you’re not a hunter and a nature lover. To hell with the fashion and desire of your girl to have a «beautiful animal». The guard of the dog no, and he created for serious hunting. Let no one deceive you, the beauty of this breed is a dog bred not for decoration.

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