So the Chinese learn

Bro, did you ever wonder how a Chinese boy finds a Chinese girl? I think they have all the old: the matchmaker and parents who are scouring all the nooks and crannies of the vast Hong Kong or Beijing in search of a suitable pair? It is not so simple. Civilization along with the revolution came to China for a long time, therefore, such pronounced arranged marriages happen though, but still remnants of antiquity.

But the Chinese don’t like online Dating, meet, of course, but far less than the Europeans and the Russians. Can cause is bloody gebnya Chinese, or maybe they’re just afraid that I will get the cat out of the bag? But the main reason is a big shortage and high cost of Internet. Enough, not all Chinese precious megabits.

One of the most enjoyable and popular ways of Dating is absolutely non-virtual Bulletin Board. Chinese gender fits a huge wall ropes, where primako like linen hang ads. Selects suitable, records the number of calls where necessary. So familiar, and. You just do not forget about safety precautions and taxes there of rebotenko, and money on the net is not enough.


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