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Porada.kom.ua_2.06.2015_ysyVPf8cL7HPAWe once indulged in thoughts about how to get out of their country and find ourselves in some utopian Paradise, where compliance with the law and people’s rights, and other cute things that supposedly is not only we in Africa or the Persian Gulf. But have to disappoint you. Information about the world is usually passed through the prism of the media, but reality often gets distorted in one direction or another. The man in his characteristic manner usually does not notice the negative things that are in another country, but always sees them in his.

Everyone wants to Argentina. This is the place where you start with a clean slate. But the truth is that Argentina is Argentina… Wherever we go, we take with them all of their inferiority.

DexterNo, we don’t want to convince you that seek to emigrate is not necessary, we don’t want to hang you noodles on the ears about how fucking here right here and now. If you bail, it’s your choice, and due to it can be your personal decision. But first of all think about what all kinds of disasters: social, economic, natural, and present in a very prosperous countries, such as France, USA, and corruption exists at the top, based on the human development index, States, example of which is Australia.

Human development index – an integral index calculated annually for cross-country comparisons and measurement of standards of living, literacy, education and longevity as the main characteristics of human potential of the study area.

manygoodtips.com_2.06.2015_ELgh9Wl48lm6jI would not want to touch those things that are associated with natural disasters. Everything is so clear that frequent the raging hurricanes like «Katrina» in 2005 in the US, you can leave your house and even demolish the hell out of your city. But to become a victim of such natural disasters may be any citizen of the planet, however, more interesting, namely how the Federal government helped the residents of the affected cities in Louisiana. New Orleans, this abode of black music, suffered more than others. Nature has caused enormous damage to the city, but were the actions of the authorities justified? After the announcement of the evacuation of the city there is not one policeman, and about 10 thousand people – in their places, killing about 1,600 people, simply because the authorities have not evacuated all people. But on the Federal channels, the focus had shifted to looters who took in the empty stores of supplies of first necessity. They were condemned at the highest level, totally forgetting that many of them simply had nothing to eat. However, it was still an extreme situation.

manygoodtips.com_2.06.2015_IVk3KaMGWHX1xLet’s look at the life of France, where there are own problems which have arisen, including due to the inability to apply European principles in practice. The growing influence of the extreme right in the face of Marie Le Pen has some justification. Populists think in slogans, but ordinary people still matters. And my friend is French of Russian origin supports the party of Le Pen. She was previously a small school, which was located on the square of the revolution. It was closed largely due to incompetent employees. My question is: «Why do you support the national Front?» she told me about the basics of employment of staff. So, if the black guy suddenly turns out to be a thief or simply not working properly, to dismiss him is almost impossible, this is preceded by numerous treatments, which eventually may result in accusations of racism. In Paris, there are some parts of the city, where whites rarely go, there’s rampant extreme poverty and sometimes wildlife crime. Islamic fundamentalists, unlike Russia, have a real influence on the public life of France. Of course, you can just not go there, where is not necessary. But if you leave the country, and then you find yourself in some Parisian alley with his throat slit, that is whether to go? After the attack in edition of Charlie Hebdo in some parts of the European public seem to have started to open my eyes, but what will happen next, nobody knows. is the best and a Sunny country, which can only be on Earth. One country on one continent, inhabited by the descendants of convicts and immigrants that killed the native population. And like for business there are all conditions, and easy registration, and unoccupied niche, healthy competition, and indeed, as many can guess, this country’s future. Maybe there is no corruption? Unlikely. Corruption is everywhere, perhaps not on this scale, as we do, or in China, a country which is famous for more than others in this regard, but it is also there.

According to one businessman, who moved to Australia for permanent residence and built a workable company in the field of freight transport, and here there are such problems. The only difference is that if in Russia, to reach you will pass through a flock of smaller substituents, where you can immediately go right. There is no such rigid hierarchy that exists in our country. For example, if you need the mayor, you go to a restaurant, where the Australians, exactly like the British, come almost every night. There you meet your mayor and directly negotiate the bribe. Of course, it will not be called a «bribe», it will be called a «service» and prices will not be as draconian as ours. Cut the budget of the funds is as follows: 10% is usually given to those who these funds are allocated. It is likely that such distribution of orders not only in the field of transportation.

But can we leave these particular and realistic view on yourself? To find a job in USA or Canada will not be so difficult, and another thing – the quality of this work. Laborers are always in demand in any country. But there’s a difference between working 10 hours a day in a warehouse in Russia and work 10 hours a day in a warehouse in the US? You might even be able to rent a trailer and start a new life for this white trash in Texas. Cool, what is really there. Actually, the very existence of the term «trailer town» to talk about it much. Though it is not known, would have the segment of the population in Russia, though some housing. But the spectacle, I admit, depressing.

manygoodtips.com_2.06.2015_RuB9jTj2rUaU5Japan is another popular country for expatriates, but rather to thoughts about emigration. But what in Europe is called racism, they called national traditions. To enter in the Japanese society on equal terms is extremely difficult. You’re unlikely to become one of the citizens of the country of the rising sun, even if I live there for half a century. Life in this beautiful country is incredibly expensive, to rent a house is also really expensive, and for a foreigner quite hard to get used to the idea that work is an essential part of the lives of Japanese, and means, for a person who wants to become Japanese, the work must also stand in the first place.

Usually many jumped up and ran for the border people soon can sometimes be a wild disappointment that they are not mistaken for their own, do not appreciate their abilities, and the more than biased. Is a breakdown of the submissions. The result – a nervous breakdown and apathy, which will help you, only to fall on a dirty bottom. But the reason is rather, that such people are absolutely not prepared for the challenges that await them. They really think that somewhere out there is easier and better. But some fish can live in salt water and some only in fresh, and this sad fact of life that nobody remembers when it receives your «lucky» ticket.

This, of course, you can try to protect themselves. If you want to include the section of the brain that is responsible for rationality. You’ll eventually myself grateful. Great opportunity for this is the Internet, you can always find someone who can more accurately describe their country and tell about it without any advertising brochures. What problems did he faced personally, what irritates him in the everyday sense or in the sense of taxation – these are all important issues. And we assure you that you will learn a lot.

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