So good life in Krasnodar?


Hello, dear editors! Won’t the black sheep and begin, naturally, with gratitude and compliments. Started to read the magazine three years ago, as any «sufferer» of articles about a breakup with a girl, and here I am still here. Thanks for the interesting and useful content. Don’t miss a single article, grow and develop together with you.

I know there were similar questions about moving, even compared Peter with Krasnodar, but I would like specifics, because the choice I did. Moscow – furious pace, St. Petersburg- terrible weather, therefore, stopped at Krasnodar. The heat doesn’t scare me, the southerner, and to move still from his native Volgograd, as there are no prospects. And how much life experience! Here is nothing before I graduated, and I started to look more seriously. No friends in this wonderful town, no one to ask, but then I remembered about native magazine, which is based in Krasnodar.

But go directly to the questions. Interested in everything. The approximate cost of housing in a decent place? Which area is better to rent an apartment? What about work? Salary level? With culture and recreation? Prices? Transport, gasoline and road quality? Ah yeah, beautiful girls? Well, absolutely everything.

Thanks in advance, I think many will useful.

The answer

Hello, dear reader! Thank you for netradicni question, a real man!

And now to the main point. Don’t come here, it’s not necessary. If you are an adequate person, with adequate perception of the world and keeps his shit internally and dissatisfaction with seven seals steel male character, then come over. But if you’re just another «passenger» who will walk with stern face and complain that traffic jams in the city, hotter than Hell, and the people here are so full of shit», then screw you, most of the city is such. Understand, Krasnodar has become a tempting feeder, which without which is better than in the Central belt, the North and the Volga region. Thanks to a stupid public with a beautiful photochemi «beloved city» and the false ratings. People ponachitaeshsya such lies and go in search of a better life. But the truth is, as always, more violent. Good work is left Do the work left, the local hard to find something more tolerable for 20,000. By the way, this is considered a normal salary (the same is the average price of a Studio apartment to rent, cheaper only in new buildings in remote and undeveloped areas of the city), in the city, contrary to popular myth, very low wages.

In the construction of places to eat, you can go, just bear in mind that many curtail their activities, even if not declare it. Soon our city skyline will be painted «candles» of unfinished apartment buildings. Of course, the flat panel in the freak on the outskirts of the city you can even find 1700000 rubles, but it would be incredibly inconvenient location to go to a decent place – the same as the Germans moved from one home to another on Holy ground of Stalingrad. You can live in Adygea, fortunately, due to the dramatic geography, the historical center of the city is bordered by the legendary Adyghe village Yablonovskii differ refined taste of the citizens called only as Yablonovka. There you can buy a very comfortable apartment, though not much cheaper than in Krasnodar. Fortunately, from the small but proud Yablonovka to a great and inspirational Krasnodar cruising taxis. However, you have to stand in morning traffic on the bridge, named in honor of the village (Yablonovka from Russia separates the river Kuban) and can’t cope with the traffic. Which year promise to build a normal – while only promise. Pay attention to Yablonovka is of Adygea. The capital of Adygea – Maykop, and all their problems and questions you will solve in the capital of the Republic.

For the 1,200,000 to buy 25 meters somewhere in the «Shanghai» on the edge of town. For the price you get a few meters, the lack of proper infrastructure and gag view from the window. More or less a good apartment worth 3.5 million

By the way, another detail architectural direction. The city is very unevenly built, and next to the crooked house of the last century shines a huge apartment complex. Or the owner may suddenly discover that near his Paradise suddenly increased the number of high-rise buildings economy class, and now the residents of these apartment buildings look with envy on his land. But it’s so interesting.

As you can see, the red line through the first part of the narrative is the main problem of city traffic. More than in Krasnodar machines only in Moscow (but Moscow has good road junction). The city, like any provincial village, with its narrow streets in the center and natural areas on the outskirts are not accustomed to this. The Moscow tube is sophomoric. In Krasnodar tube everywhere, even in the courts. They are not only at night. Public transport mixed with machines from Krasnodar and Adygea – familiar urban landscape. Roads in pits and manholes.

Prices in the city are growing, as well as throughout Russia. No benefits. Moreover, from the «breadbasket of Russia» good fruit sent to Moscow and other cities, where more expensive to sell. However, what remains in the Kuban is not cheap. Considering how much of the Kuban orchards, fruits are so expensive that it is easier to die of hunger. No, the price of funeral services are also high. You know, the city lives, like Moscow, oblivious to the fact that local people would be nice to raise wages. The horror that accumulated northerners are buying up all the apartments, while local residents and visitors from the edge off the room.

Girls we are different. There are, of course, beautiful, but be prepared for cellulite to fat girls in short shorts fall out with a belly – full of such. Whether from heat, or they think their bodies are beautiful, but Nude they are more happy than slim girls.

By the way, about the heat. Have you ever had a bath? Now, that Krasnodar July, June, August, may, September… all warm and unbearable. They say that in ancient times, the climate in Krasnodar was normal. Hot summer, cold snowy winter, early spring, and all was well, no one melted on the go. And then they built the reservoir, and our town has turned into a damp mazibuko. Due to the insane, in St. Petersburg, humidity we enjoy a truly tropical in the summer (we, as in the jungle: went to heavy rain, 15 minutes of poking around and the sun).

The beauty of summer lies in the wide and wild nature of our region. There are so many plants, and these plants have so much pollen during the late spring, summer and early autumn the generous Kuban grass shares it with all the allergies and asthma. Our region is a Paradise for people to breathe becomes simply nothing. Perhaps, in the whole of Russia we have the worst situation with flowering. Worse only with cancer patients, unfortunately, Kuban metastases occupy a leading position in Russia.

And we have the winter more reminiscent of Anadyr summer. Of course, sometimes snow and cold, but not so much as I would like. Mostly sleet, rain, wind, and weather +3 — +10. In General, and the «unusually warm winter» that has raged in the country this year, is a normal thing in our city.

But God is with him that heat. After this heat comes to us winter and, as if apologizing for being late, fascinating city with frosts at minus 25 (and despite the crazy humidity, it seems that everything minus 50, even the most courageous, clever and skillful Siberians wear hats) and freezing rain, in which the ends of the wires stop working communication and roads. Even if there is no severe cold, to walk the streets scared. The day the snow is melting, turning into a sinister Kishu-Misia, and by night it freezes, turning into an incredible ice, which is not always sprinkled with sand.

By the way, about communication. Addicted to Volgograd sewer. Just a city under the city. And in Krasnodar… a series of storm that regularly overflow during rain, presenting the city flooded roads, and the wonderful smell that comes with the sewers. See, the thing is, the town is very upset. Not in the sense that it offended a lot of houses being built. Many of them are illegal (pay attention when you take an apartment, your flats will carry to hell). So, all these numerous regions piled on top of my favorite city, like the immigrant inhabitants of Cologne, as a result, the city does not stand up. Then there is no light, then something else will happen. Mainly in new areas. In the rain the city is really worth it. And if you think it’s nonsense, then you need to dive, or just trust us. When you after a hard day stuck in the road and on foot to escape can not, because far away, and because the water is above the knees (and there are days in a year a lot), then you start to think: and not dump far from the Krasnodar.

With regard to culture, leisure and high life, in the city of culture not so much as I would like (and cultured people too). No, there are three great theater is a ballet, which was once involved in Maestro G., and big band, which he directed and which played Maestro Garanyan (indeed, musicians of the highest level). There are museums and many cinemas and even libraries. There are even great musicians that for fun every Sunday in the library of Nekrasov the lutes and other old instruments play the music of the Baroque, Renaissance and even delve into the Gothic.

There are restaurants that you can bring any lady over the age of 16, and picturesque alleys of the center in which this lady can walk. In General, the cultural capital of the South (forgive me, the band stuck a heel of a boot in a pothole on the sidewalk of the Central street of the city). There are clubs where there is music and skip a pint or two. And, actually, everything.

But recently shock St. Petersburg, incorrectly put accents in words, convinced me that Krasnodar is full bydlyatnik (there is such), in which some goats, scoundrels and mrsomebody. Common culture, of course, is lame (as elsewhere), but it is completely lost before the next visitors, who don’t like our baby Krasnodar.

Yes, it’s ridiculous: rickety hut adjacent to the residential complex of business class. Beautiful, in fact only the center. The old center, with its old houses and mansions rarely restaurerede (only in the heart, if the house is in possession of a large organization), but what is left, creates a magical atmosphere mixing eras. In some places the old center is similar to Peter, in Kiev, on other good places in the city. Otherwise it is featureless. When I walk down the main street between the houses, seen more sorrow than joy (such as the city of destiny), past the monuments, past the strange children, I go to other parts of the city, darker, groomed, close, I realize that they typical in Krasnodar, which is almost gone, all in the shade of ancient trees, covered with a wry wave of stale pavement, with the flavor, which can be found only in Odessa. And then I resorted to a blissful buzz, remembering the merits of one or another architectural masterpiece and enjoying the weirdness and eclecticism of South Palmyra. When I speak with visitors, they say «Well Yes, the center is beautiful and all the same shit, people are shit, expensive shit, I want in Moscow.»

So, it is not accepted to come to the aid of every man with a mustache, his hut on the edge, because the city is not so easy to survive the competition. But in many cities. So you think about what kind of city you want, because choosing a city only for the weather – not the best way. In the end, she’s not. Those who said: «I am not afraid of heat», – then say, «I don’t think there is so hot.»

Here’s a disappointing story about our city. Of course, to tell about all the «charms» of Krasnodar, but certainly not in the article.

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