So girls don’t throw in this world has ever thrown. Some people think that no matter how a relationship ends: they, you know, important fact. These guys have never been through ugly breakups. Even if a woman is stopped you like, it does not mean that she in a moment disappeared feelings and emotions. You can still make her doubly painful, breaking up with her so as to do this won’t do, for example…

1. Cheat on her with her friend

Sounds funny, as if it were the story of the American teen Comedy. In fact, such a thing seems funny only in the movies where everything is make-believe. In real life this will cause your ex girlfriend a lot of pain. Even if she cheated on you, that’s no reason to put her double a pig and sleep with a girl your future ex finds a girlfriend. Even if you specifically have a crush. What is the result? Twice more shouting and tears than it should in a normal breakup, plus the basis for a third party.

2. Parting after sex

At this point, women are particularly vulnerable. In other words, post-coital breakup is one of the worst ways to blow her off. Especially if she has the mood to talk and tell how she loves you. What, really, in good conscience reply, «I love you no»?

3. To disappear without a trace

So I end the relationship only panties, leaving the girl alone with the guilt and wonder what she did that didn’t even deserve a farewell explanation. Think, just stop responding to calls — is this normal? In fact, she may think that you’re dead. Even worse, if you find a new girlfriend, and then accidentally meet your ex — what a surprise! It’s not fair. Let people learn about their schools: perhaps in the future will not repeat.

4. Throw her back

Are such geeks! Sometimes in relationships experienced by people with a very large and fragile ego — and then there are such idiotic things. My sister somehow survived something like that. Decided to throw the guy, sat beside him a serious talking to, put all your cards on the table, and he began to reassure her and to convince. They say that these difficulties are temporary, everything will pass, everything will ground you and I stand. She went on about him, reconciled, reconciled and made a firm decision to work on a relationship in sweat. When the nurse called this dude the next day, he said, «I changed my mind, shouldn’t be together anymore». And how is it called?

5. Malice

There are couples who have lifestyle looks like this: fight — yell — sold — sex — again happy together. Well they live, what to do about them. Sometimes these fights end fatally. Did I piss you off some trifle — and you immediately ran to get a divorce. Even if later you will not regret, you still from such a thing looks bad.Since I decided to leave, do it in a proper environment.

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