Snakes is bad for the Internet


Yeah, man, sometimes the network drops to a very small threshold. I have two sticks or speed as in childhood, when the net was on the cards. And like would be nice to know the cause of this fall favorite network, but sometimes the cause is obvious.

But in this case at least everything is clear. Martin Burgess-moon, a long and tedious call to the service center: it, Internet along with cable TV have become extremely poor show and not work. The trouble is, you will say! Of course, in Martin’s house came the mechanic that was supposed to eliminate the cause of such trouble. What was his surprise when he opened the flap with cables and saw… a bunch of snakes, who peacefully settled there and managed to breed? Unpleasant situation, especially given the fact that these snakes are protected by law in the UK. By the way, who knows what kind of snake? Get me 10 re on the beer!

Interesting place found the mother snake for their children! However, the mechanic found a very interesting solution: he did not move a family of reptiles in another place, and just insulated them from the wire. I don’t think it helps much, but Martin assures us that all his network well. We believe!

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