«Snake Venom Beer» — beer with fortress 67.5%


Normal beer is a drink for every day that is easy to drink and relatively weak beats on the brain. But we already wrote about the epic beer fortress. Seeing the link? And now imagine that all of this was complete bullshit, because beer with an epic fortress is on the way. «Snake Venom Beer» beer, which fully justifies its name («snake Venom»). Beer made world-famous among beer lovers Kraft brewery Brewmeister»s from Scotland. On the palate, as the beer lovers who were lucky enough to drink it, beer is like a mix of beer and vodka. They also say that it tastes like beer, which is very harmful for the head. I can’t stop thinking about this beer, it seems to me that it would taste more like a shotgun blast you in the head! Buy one bottle for the price of $ 80.

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