Snack before and after exercise

manygoodtips.com_2.06.2014_lOwrH3i3py1WDBreakfast is the most important meal of the day. There are, however, doubts. If you lose weight after a workout is absolutely not worth it, but before training to throw something in the «furnace» thing. If you work in mass and want to increase quality muscle, to close the «carbohydrate window» following a workout, be sure. But to go to a nearby pizzeria after work not a good idea. Need to ingest the right food that will meet the requirements and which you can even take to training. The choice of pre — and post-workout meal is huge. These snacks offer the right balance of carbohydrates, fats and proteins to satisfy your hunger, give you fuel and help in recovery.

Before training

The body works to build muscle and recover 24 hours a day, not just during a one hour session in the gym. Fortunately, confined to the exercise snacks can give the body fuel to build muscle, burn fat and recover the best way. You need to eat 30-60 minutes before training. Here’s a great options.

1. Yogurt with additives

You can buy can be made at home by mixing your own. Take thick Greek yogurt (very useful), add strawberries or other berries granola or cereal. A great combination of the required elements.

2. Protein blend

Whey plus orange juice. Beat you with ice, without it. And you can even milk to pour on top to be satisfying.

3. Coconut and proteins

Coconut oil, whey protein and milk. All beat up and drink.

4. Coffee and protein

Iced coffee mixed with protein powder and milk in a blender.

5. Oatmeal, nuts and dried fruits

Cook porridge on the water without sugar, eat it with dried fruits and handful of nuts.

6. Whey with berries

Milk powder and fresh berries. Whip and drink.

7. Greek yogurt and berries

Eating yogurt, eating berries.

8. Apple

Average Apple, cheese and almonds.

9. Classic fruit salad

1 Cup berries, melon or pineapple, banana and oranges. Pour yogurt.

10. Dried fruit and nuts

The standard nut mix. You can also eat dried apricots and dates.

11. Toast bread and eggs

Rye bread plus boiled eggs. Mens perfect snack for training. Eggs cut into slices, spread on toast and eat. Sprinkle with the spices.

12. Orange peel or other citrus

Most coaches recommend eating an Apple and an orange, both with the skin. Creates saturation.

13. Protein bar

Any size, but with a protein content not less than 30 g and carnitine.

14. Chicken with potatoes

Boiled chicken plus two potatoes.

15. Oatmeal and two eggs

Cooked unsweetened oatmeal on the water. Eat two boiled eggs, topped with salt and pepper.

16. Toast with peanut butter and banana

Bread made from whole grain or rye. You can not fry.

17. Belgian waffle

Healthy and tasty sweetness hardcore dude who doesn’t want to lose weight. Fat plus carbohydrates. All this is eaten with a zhmenya almonds.

18. Scrambled eggs with water and vegetables

Any vegetables or mushrooms, but still better vegetables, as proteins from fungi is not as well absorbed by the body. Scrambled eggs whipped with a tablespoon of water, spices and salt.

19. Oatmeal with peanuts

Oatmeal cooked in water without sugar. Eat with unsalted peanuts. Why peanuts? There are a lot of vegetable fat.

20. Roast Turkey

Turkey breast, cucumber (avocado) and a bit of pasta from durum.

21. Cheese and fruit

Cheese fat content of 4%. Instead of fruit, preferably fresh berries, which are many.

22. Cooked rice

A little cooked rice, salt, raisins, glass of milk.

23. Salad

Green salad, one boiled egg, any veggies, a piece of low fat cheese.

24. Sports drink

With carnitine. Drink and go to the gym. It is also worth noting that it is not worth much to hope for isotonic — there is an opinion that is a placebo.

25. Neopost

Pasta from durum wheat, a piece of cheese (sprinkled on top), a piece of boiled chicken.

After a workout

After a hard workout it’s time to fill the balance of calories and help the body to rebuild muscle fiber. Of course, there is a perception that a dude who is losing weight, nothing is after a workout. That’s right, you need to create a calorie deficit. But someone who just wants to improve the results, it’s time to throw something worthwhile. Preferably not immediately after a workout (via vnutribryushnogo pressure), but within two hours after or it won’t work.

1. Banana walnut mixture

Probably seen and eaten banana chips? Eat a handful along with the nuts (any), dried coconut and a small amount of dark chocolate (no more than 3-4 dice). Theobromine and caffeine in chocolate in small quantities will allow you to cheer up.

2. Protein pancakes

If you have time to go home, it’s time to try this useful thing. Mix 4 egg whites, half Cup oats (chopped smaller), ½ Cup low fat cheese, a teaspoon of baking powder, ½ teaspoon of vanilla extract. Fry the pancakes on preheated griddle until bubbles appear on one side, then flip pancakes and cook for another 30-60 seconds. You can add fresh berries or sliced banana.

3. Sweet potato

Recently, the Western fitness logs actively recommend eating sweet potatoes. Some suggest to do smoothies with protein and sweet potato. Cooked sweet potato ground together with milk, protein, ice and lettuce in a blender.

4. Orange juice and shake with protein

Some are making a smoothie, adding the juice to a protein drink, and some drink it separately. Difference in fact, no. Just a matter of taste.

5. Banana plus milk

The average fat content of milk whipped together with a banana. You can take the mixture and drink after a workout.

6. Cocktail Green monster

A very popular cocktail in Western circles of professional lifters. Pretty nasty taste. Cup spinach, ½ Cup vanilla yogurt, 1 Cup milk, 1 banana and 1 tablespoon peanut butter mixed in a blender before formation of a pale green smooth.

7. Protein bar

The bar must contain at least 30 grams of protein and less than 10 grams of sugar.

8. Boiled or braised beef

The perfect thing after a workout. Many take and drink cold. Cooking can be with salt, black pepper peas and Bay leaf. Prepare the beef (if there is a pan-grill, you can fry without oil), eat together with lettuce. After eating nuts.

9. Tuna and crackers

Biscuits or unsalted crackers. Tuna is bought in the Bank, but without the mayonnaise! Then it all eaten.

10. One bagel and two eggs

Two boiled eggs eaten with one baglam or the wheel.

11. Brown rice

A Cup of boiled brown rice is eaten with peanut butter and raisins. Sometimes this «pudding» is called «Ants on a raft,» and athletes call it «the Ant hill».

12. Oatmeal and nuts

Cook the oatmeal in milk and eat nuts.

13. Apple and cheese

Any Apple of any size, and low-fat cheese.

14. Chocolate milk

Any chocolate milk in the store with low fat content. Buy and drink, you can carry.

15. Cheese mixture

Cup fat-free yogurt, 1 teaspoon honey and cinnamon. All this well crushed with a fork until smooth. If tempted to add more honey, do not give in. It’s not just food, but a sports snack.

16. «Canadian Breakfast»

1 whole egg, 1 spinach leaves, 1 slice of low fat cheese and 1 slice bacon on toast.

17. Sports drink

With a small amount of carbohydrates.

18. Eggs and onions

2-3 whole boiled egg, two feathers of green onions, chopped spinach and peppers. You can build a salad, and you can eat all the components separately. If you make a salad, add olive oil to avoid dryness.

19. Boiled chicken and roasted apples

Unsweetened apples fried in olive oil with salt and pepper. Used with boiled chicken breast.

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