SmartWatch 2 – smart watch from Sony are the good old days, when watches were just watches. Now the functionality is only about one aspect it is considered bad manners, so intelligent the engineers trying to stuff every gadget every way possible, hitting consumers a variety of facets and abilities, inherent in all modern devices.


SmartWatch 2 SW2 – smart watch from Sony – were no exception. It’s kind of a switch between you and your smartphone, which you can use to read SMS and messages in social networks that come to mobile, of course, if it is on the Android platform. If you are so lazy that they can’t get the phone out of your pocket, or are you afraid that your flagship model will pull from the hands in the crowd, this watch will become an indispensable acquisition. Motorists will also appreciate the device’s advantage, because while driving, you can reject calls without being distracted from the road. By the way, while the clock on the hand, you won’t be able to forget your phone at home, because they vibrate, it is necessary only to go over the threshold, indicating that a fellow is too far away. A significant plus SmartWatch 2 SW2 is the length of battery life is 5-6 days. And, of course, strict laconic design in the style of hi-tech, simple functionality and moisture resistance.



  • Dimensions: 42 x 41 x 9 mm;
  • Weight: 122,5 g (with strap);
  • Screen: TFT, a 1.6″, 220 x 176;
  • Communication: NFC, Bluetooth 3.0;
  • Operating time: average load of 3-4 days, a small load – 7 days;
  • Features: protection level IP57;
  • Price: 5990 roubles.
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