Smartphones cause a hangover


Recent news about the terrible cell phones, liquefy the brain of ordinary citizens, it becomes less and less. Various denials of such urban legends have shown that about 90 percent of all these horrors no more than fiction.

But recent studies unexpectedly showed that the active use of smartphones before bed to surf the Internet can result in headache, nausea and other unpleasant things reminiscent of its manifestations… a hangover. All of a sudden!

Research Russell Johnson, the guy from the University of Michigan, has shown that guys who are actively trace contacts, do on the Internet after nine in the evening for a long time, and then go to sleep, suffer from sleep disorders and some anxiety. The reason for this, according to Russell, is not in the radiation of the smartphone, and the fact that the human brain believe that you are still working, communicating and actively operating and not depart to sleep. So before going to sleep need to relax a bit and score in business and communication.

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