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manygoodtips.com_26.03.2015_hhBqcm5Ulk84jWhat an amazing time we live in! While you go to work, the smartphone finds your steps, remind you of today’s business meetings, singing you songs and reports the latest news is that eggs don’t cook. But whether still will be! If you are at the beginning of the 20th century told someone what I can, just looking at the phone, drive from Saratov province, then in Tambov, then you would be instantly sent to study for psychiatrists. And in our time we still complain that with a smartphone you can do a lot. Quietly, will soon release a smartphone with a 3D printer. And while they failed, let’s consider what other tools and equipment retired multifunctional smartphone.

1. Guitar tuner

Of course, «guitar master», constantly losing or breaking your tuner, this function will be useful. But if managed to lose even the tuner is on the clothespin, then without the free app is not enough. A musician without a tuner is like a bird without wings. However, this device does not teach you to play better, but the sound podkorrektirovatj to your «battery» sounded more or less solid.

2. Level

A bubble level is one of those things that you are unlikely to constantly carry a whole day and night (if you’re not a Builder of tales, who goes to a construction helmet). But sometimes, especially when too lazy to go to the garage for this tool, but this app really helps. Use a level, let him help to do something equal in yours and without that curve of life.

3. Camera

You probably remember the days when all the celebrations, birthdays, funerals and videos on youtube was recorded on video. These glorious days are gone, especially after the emergence of HD-quality cameras on smartphones. Besides, it’s much easier, because the phone is always at hand. It is not necessary to carry a rather bulky equipment. If you’re not an operator or a professional photographer.

Once in KVN joked that there is a phone with a camera and have a camera with a phone. Then it was funny. It is hard to imagine a smartphone without a camera. If there are any. Now the smartphone is the primary supplier of photos and videos to the world fotolog called Instagram.

4. Metal detector

This may seem strange, but the technology is pushed to such an extravagant feature even unpatriotic iPhones. It is unlikely that it can be used to look for hidden under the meter layer of earth’s treasures, but… But really, why would you?

5. Scanner

For anybody not a secret that you can use the HD camera on your phone to scan receipts and important documents or quickly spread in the network documents, compromising your colleagues. Very Genius PDF Scanner. When you need something to scan (and it happens), and the scanner is not accessible this app will help. However, you have a HD camera why would you want to scan when you can photograph? I’m confused. Just know that it is.

6. Alarm clock

Now if someone buys a clock, big, beautiful, multi-functional, expensive. Another world uses the telephone, which, in the opinion of many, much easier. I honestly forgot when the alarm was not mentioned in the context of the functions of the phone. And why is it needed when your phone’s settings will be forced to Wake you up exactly as you want. And yet, the old Soviet alarm clock you could still throw in the emotions in the wall, he after all was still alive – he is the wall that a nuclear blast. But with the phone harder. Another plus telephone alarm clock – exercise patience.

7. Player and DVDs

Time passes and things change. Soon the last CD in the world will go to the counter. After it became possible to listen to music on your phone, plummeting sales of the players. What space saving in your pocket.

And the movies which you can quietly look in the drive, completely destroy the remnants still afloat CD. And in that mad rhythm in which millions of people live, another way to see the musical or movie novelty, unfortunately, no.

8. Notebook

Probably your dad or maybe even you have lying around somewhere address book. Now it’s the Ghost of a bygone era when, to remember at least some information about the person, had to carry around a pen and a heavy book. Now everything is easier, just a smartphone and fingers. And the notebook… It is outdated, as films with Richard Gere. Although someone is using.


Print media cockroach step flow to the Internet to the online spaces to become Internet editions. Another 30 years it will be possible to feel the smell of printers ink while reading the Newspapers. But any self-respecting newspaper or magazine (except, perhaps, «Ust-Ordynskiy dude») is in the network. For example, your favorite strongly recommends all printed «the brakes», which are not yet online, come to pass.

10. Calculator

If over the last 5 years have you bought a simple pocket calculator (if, of course, not logarithmic), it will remind: now 21, 2015. The Chinese have created a robot of liquid metal, and the calculator is on all phones. Even the prehistoric «Nokias».

11. Books

Being an avid retrograde (hell, I even have a calculator there, I meant it) and giving preference to the electronic real book, I probably will not be able to exchange the smell and the feel of paper on the letters of the highlighted as I need to display. Do not argue, the book mobile – a thing very convenient, saves a lot of space in your bag. But it is not for everybody. However, it is recognized that someday, print books will remain only in libraries and private collections.

12. «Gameboy» and so on

Despite the desperate attempts of the PSP to somehow gain a foothold in the market, they are unlikely to create a healthy competition games on smartphones. Unless there is some galactic antimethanogen conspiracy. In the end, to play on the smartphone by erasing the hell out of the screen, much easier, and the games cost less (if they pay).

13. Calendar

Remember, more recently, various organizations have done little calendars that were distributed to everyone for promotional purposes? Now, these calendars really enjoyed, until I realized that a calendar up to the date of the Apocalypse is in the phones. And I forgot about them. Now the calendars serve more as interior decoration or as another element of advertising products of any company. Oh, and don’t forget about the older people who hold sacred the tradition of tracking days remained on the calendar.

14. Map

That’s really really handy app. Planned a trip somewhere Sunny magic Pakistan – and no card is not necessary. All-in-one: all routes, escape routes. And mapping applications, models of smartphones, so choose any to your taste.

15. Flashlight

Favorite app of the author. There is, oddly, not on all smartphones. Eats a lot of battery power, but allows you to survive the zombie Apocalypse and find his way home to rural discos. I remember in my childhood we were waving phones with flashlights simulating lightsabers.

16. Hard drive

Also, when you need it most, use your trusty smartphone as a temporary Keeper of your secrets and documents. While completely hard drive it will not replace, but whether still will be!

17. Paper

Instead of annoying everywhere else is stuck on the colored squares of paper with scribbles to deal with your multiple sclerosis will be disgusted and always at the wrong time, the beeping signal of the phone with the reminder that you need to do on the display. Much easier than to draw myself a pen on the arm of the cross you within 3 minutes will stop paying attention.

18. Compass

Dasha Ranger approves of this feature! If you were suddenly in a strange place with nonsparse phone and see your location is impossible, since no network – compass will help you! However, only to understand where North is and where South is, if moss is not.

19. Wi-fi

Well, you know that in today’s society, a person who gives out wifi, so for people about the same as humanitarian aid for the poor children of Africa. You are God, you are the King, you’re the most fashionable guy in the village! But remember, at exactly 12:00 your battery runs out, and you will become… No, not into a pumpkin, and simple uninteresting to the layman.

20. TV

In most of the major TV channels have a mobile application. The idiot just won’t leave. He sold his soul to the devil, so you know he’s there! Don’t watch «televizer» – watch phone!

21. Credit cards and cash

The transition from payment by paper and gold before payment of electronic services is making great strides. Payments via telephone are not so common, but there are authoritative opinions, that soon it will become inevitable routine. Fortunately or not – time will tell.

22. Mouse

One of the fresh additions – use your smartphone as a mouse. «Apple» products is the pioneer of this unusual feature. To speak about mass character of its use is not worth it, but in some cases it can be extremely useful.

23. Step, speedometer

What an amazing time we live in! Your phone finds your steps! Brilliant! If you are stopped for speeding, can show details of your speedometer. Even if you just went.

24. The recorder

If you are a journalist, a fighter for civil rights or just love to enjoy the enchanting sounds of his casleton, the recorder should be of use to you. More than one generation of smart phones has this fun feature, and from year to year the quality of entries gets better and better.

25. Remote

A very useful app. According to many, it is much more useful than to use the smartphone as a mouse, because the remote is always lost. And then took, synced it via wifi – and voila! Sit, call, switch channels.

26. Thermometer

In order to know the weather outside, no need to go out in the cold in shorts on the porch below, shivering from cold and hatred of life, to see the temperature on the outdoor thermometer. Now with the help of the program «weather» your smartphone has kindly offered you the latest information about what a shitty spring this year. Dress warmly.

27. Radio

In our days, a smartphone without a radio still that «80s disco» no «Tender may». This simply can not be. Of course, there are miniature portable radioplay, but here, as in the case of mp3 players, it is much easier to hear on the phone. This feature is especially respected by the fans of radio a little over 40.

28. Organizer

Organizer – what a funny word. But it was an interesting thing, especially when included in the handle. A powerful book with a calendar, dividing by the column alphabetically. Write here phones, plans, to-do list – anything. Only much space occupied. Now a similar feature in any smartphone. Of course, to work with the electronic organizer is not as interesting, but much more convenient. And in the end, the organizer is not fashionable. Fashionable to cancel or to schedule a meeting with one finger.

29. GPS Navigator

Once they are sold separately – and now sold – and was no less faithful friends of any taxi driver. Now taxi drivers prefer to look at the screen of your smartphone, where, of course, is the Navigator. If good, then jealous. If bad, get the new and, fortunately, a lot of them. In any case, do not get lost. And not have to ask passersby where to find the abandoned pond. Navigator itself will tell you where to hide the body.

30. Phone

Strangely enough, everything in the Bible. First was a phone. Then he started feeding lots of features, and it became a smartphone! Then he tried upgrading, and it enslaved the hell out of its creators!

In fact, the most useful feature, and soon the word «phone» will disappear as an independent word and mix it up with other devices and applications.

It would be strange if in the presence of all the above applications no phone. Although you have probably had your Ipod?

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