Smartphone Turbo X Dream


Smartphone with the provocative title «Turbo X Dream» is clearly vying for the title of dreams, unless you dream of is quite low. Well what you rather dream about a gold iPhone with a profile of the President than on the smartphone, which you hear for the first time in his life, is understandable. But if money now in his pocket just for the modestly Samsung or seedy ACTICE, you should think about buying a decent enough turbo-x Drim for yet another 6 thousand pre-crisis rubles.

The manufacturer of this wonderful smartphone is clearly with knowledge of the case came to design. To suspect him of imitating Samsung and new-fangled that has engulfed our country do not have iPhones. The case seems to be simple, display 5.5 inch, but not «billed» nice and concise, lightweight and slim. Therefore, when carrying it in pocket, tapered jeans and classic trousers bulge is only necessary and usual places. To bend the «metaphon» no plans, but under the weight of your ass, if it is heavier than necessary, can not survive. But seriously, this looks like a dream worthy of equal cost Chinese brothers, if not even more expensive Korean American cousins.

IPS-matrix IPS technology with wide viewing angles and a resolution of qHD gives a suitable picture of your favorite series or game. Inside the Turbo X Dream system-on-chip MTK6582 processor with ARM Cortex A7 four cores and a graphics adapter Mali 400 plus gigabytes of RAM. All this stuff is controlled by the OS Android 4.4. Performance is enough for Asphalt 8 and Modern Combat 5, even without headphones, the speaker here vocal. My little memory – 4 GB, it is better to buy a memory card to 32 gig. The collection of video favorite Actresses in HD quality that you so love to dream is fine, but it’s all good, as a rule, contains at home on a stationary computer or the laptop, but the next series of the «Theory» you always want to look at the here and now, right?

With Timom here’s some garbage. It really works the function of gesture control. Moreover, as the contact when you bring your finger on the screen gestures (better, of course, decent), and then runs an application that is sharpened by it, and does «magic» – the use of proximity effects to the screen. Spend on top of the display hand on the decent from this distance, and – aw, snap! – pictures in the gallery turn around. Will be able to brag a little in front of the girls with a small level of IQ, which is kompensiruet big Tits.

But from this dream back to our «metaphone». If, say, figure your girlfriend is lucky, but she’s too modest to show you in all its glory in bright light, and here the Turbo X Dream can be very useful. It has great powerful flashlight. Definitely will be able to consider all the details, even if for non-payment of the house you cut off the electricity. And if you enable light signal on the input, you can even score the whole world, not to be distracted by phone calls and just enjoy flashing to the beat of the music.

And since you already managed to live in this world, we know that every dream has a price. In this case, he holds, as we said above, in the area of 6 thousand rubles. You can go to the boss for an advance – quite a solid investment guaranteed to you.

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