Smartphone Haier W701 3.5″


Cheap devices always come in handy on the farm. You can mladshemu family member to donate, and you can give honorary elderly member of the family to contact him for any reason. If you accidentally drop, you will not be sorry. Smartphone Haier W701 3.5″ falls into the cheap phones with relatively good functionality. Junior class will meet their needs on the Internet, and even grandma can learn to read news in social networks. It does not look that useful.

Haier W701 3.5″ has an important feature you want from budget smartphones: support of two SIM-cards. In this review, it would make sense to finish, but the device is much more interesting in the sleeve. Haier W701 3.5″ unlike many other cheap gadgets not working on the operating system Android 2.3.2, and the full Android 4.2.2, which somewhat extends the functionality.

The functionality of the device for a value of not upsetting: Quad-core MediaTek processor with a clock frequency of 1000 MHz is paired with a graphics accelerator Mali-400MP, appeared on the old flagship of Samsung S3. RAM little, but simple and enough apps — 256 megabytes. For data storage allocated very little space 512 megabytes, but given the fact that you can add a memory card, it is not very critical.

The device’s screen isn’t very large, but the finger can get: 3.5-inch display has a resolution of 480×320 pixels. Haier W701 3.5″ – very light and compact, put it in my pocket and forgot, its weight of just 101 grams, which is very good for such dimensions. Battery capacity — 1100 mAh, but the manufacturers claim that the smartphone lasts without recharging up to 6 hours in talk mode and in standby mode, a little more than 200 hours. Pleased with the presence of mechanical buttons, but a very disappointing lack of front camera.

The best thing about Haier W701 3.5″ — its price. Roughly you will pay for a smartphone of not more than 2 000. Distributed in white and black color scheme.

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