Smartphone for medical professionals in the US came up

Phones from year to year please us with new features which we even could not imagine myself in childhood. And once the camera on mobile seemed miraculously…

In July of this year, the Swiss company LifeWatch AG has presented us with a device running the Android OS, designed exclusively for medical professionals. According to the developers, this is the first smartphone which you can use to make analysis of the state of human health.

The phone has sensors that can detect irregular heart rhythm, lung function and even to determine the magnitude of the blood pressure. The device is also able to measure blood sugar levels, to determine body temperature, to assess the psychological state of the patient and also to search for any physiological abnormalities.

With one easy touch of the screen, the phone gives all the essential data of the patient, physician, or ordinary consumers. Using a special needle it is possible to conduct some analyses type of analysis on the sugar content in the blood.

The gadget is primarily designed for health-conscious consumers middle-aged who suffer from chronic diseases — the chief Executive officer of LifeWatch A Yakov geva. — With this your patients will be able to deal effectively with their illness.

The price of the device is still unknown, but undoubtedly small.

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