Smart watch Alcatel Onetouch Watch SM02

manygoodtips.com_2.07.2015_VOAK2nuEkLTnh«Ideal for an active and vibrant user», «Stylish and practical accessory», «Incredibly worthy addition to use your powerful smartphone»… About the way the office is Alcatel trying to promote this watch into the world. But as we know, the most honest reviews I can only give those who have already enjoyed an interesting gadget. And reviews, not strange, deeply positive. Mostly the people are caught in the ecstasy of how well they fit the hand. But watches really are very stylish. And very comfortable. There are reviews of individual citizens, who claim that they slept in. Well, if you sleep with the watch, it is a lot of what requires. Some complain about the uncomfortable strap, but it is, rather, the anatomy. On weighed fat hand a little that is comfortable to wear.

Diagonal large round display, which makes them very easy to use. OC supports synchronization with both Android and iOS smartphones. So you don’t have to buy them a new smartphone.

Also, note a long lasting battery of the gadget. 210 mAh battery is enough for a carefree day. Works even if you use absolutely all the whistles perdelki, which has awarded this watch to their developer.

And whistles really funny. They transform the gadget, rather, in some kind of medical equipment or personal nurse. By purchasing them, you get a personal nutritionist, who will monitor every calorie, the instructor who monitors physical activity, and even of the medical consultant that monitors every beat of my heart.

manygoodtips.com_2.07.2015_n3c4SNGMcNZswBut it’s flowers. The creators guarantee that the watch will turn into a delicate alarm clock that, among other things, is to monitor the quality and duration of your sleep and Wake you with light and pleasant vibrations at the right time. In short, your downed mode work you’re guaranteed to sleep and start the morning, as the developers say, «a good mood» will not work.

In addition, the timepiece managed to cram vibration motor, altimeter, accelerometer, gyroscope and electronic compass. And strangely enough, there even managed to fit a clock function.

Another surprise, which is rich in watch, is a non-removable silicone strap integrated NFC module and the USB connector. Think. no need to explain what it is and why you need.

manygoodtips.com_2.07.2015_JClI5nQbB5kQDFor just 10,000 rubles, you become the assistant, who are always informed about new calls, messages, posts on social networks and changes, the problems that plague your body. We only suggest, but to buy these or other smart watch is up to you.

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