«Smart trash can» she runs after the garbage

Smart Trash Can4

So, the dude that invented smart Japanese, not to work! Now the traditional office fun «hit the basket» will lose meaning, because the baskets would be too easy. But once there is another game: how to get to the basket.

Before us is a Smart Trash Can, which was created by the Japanese Minoru Kurata, in the video you can see it. The principle of its creation is simple, as all ingenious. On the wall hangs a sensor which registers the time when a person begins to throw trash in the basket, the unit calculates the trajectory, and flees to the scene of the alleged falling debris. And voila — all caught.

Now the nasty problem of not getting solved. Charging the device from 4 batteries of AA standard. By the way, to smart the Japanese are already beginning to enter the commercial offer, guesstimate the money, man!

Smart Trash Can2

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