Smart-me — control over electricity consumption the environment is increasingly identified with the notion of responsibility, and not just another picket «green».

In addition to using environmentally friendly building materials, we now have the ability to use modern gadgets for the benefit of nature and control the consumption of electricity and water.

No other device does it better than the «Smart me» from Indiegogo.

You insert the gadget into a regular outlet and it sends information through a special application on your smartphone. At the moment the only supported operating system is Android.

From the app, the user sees how many home devices consume energy. But you can be not only a bystander, but actively influence all electrical processes in your home.

The creators of the system have added features that reduce electricity consumption with one click. If the question is about whether you turned off the iron or not, it hurts you every time you came to work, this gadget will become your best inanimate friend. After all, you can not only get the answer for this problem, given the information from the program, but on and off the device, being at a distance.

With Smart-me reduced the consumption of electricity and provides savings, prevents premature failure of appliances, prolongs its service life.

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