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All my life (well, exactly ten years) watch some people just wild FAP on products IKEA. However, I understand them (all because of the meatballs). But these dudes have a degree of reverence of the products of this Swedish company has reached obscene heights. These guys put in a cheap lamp strange little detail with the camera that will determine a person’s mood and change the color to match with it. It determines the mood of facial expression with the camera. The microprocessor analyzes the data and changes the color of the light. Cleverly devised! Blue light will light up when the owner of the lamp’s sad, joy will light his face is red (why not rage, it’s logical?), calm will fill the room evenly with green light. While this is only a concept that the creators are raising money, we will wait for the bulb itself.

That's how she identifiesThat’s how she identifies

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