Smart glass, which will tell you: «Stop!»


The problem of all alcoholics, and the good guys tend to drinking alcohol, is that there is not always one or the inner voice of reason that says: «Party is great, why wasted? Stop, my friend, enough to pour a beer!». Even when a friend has, the advice is to listen do not want, you know. Hops often overshadows sober logic and now, tomorrow morning to not have to go, anyway — the body will cope, you’re young! And everything felt so right, so sensible, yet it’s the next morning will not come, but my head will not respond all the beer that you loved so much at the bar.

The Jews, no doubt, special people — cunning and clever at the same time. To drink they like as Russians, Germans, French, Japanese, but, unlike all of us, they created a miracle in the field of cultural drinking smart beer glass «Glassify». This glass monitors the amount of alcohol consumed and even offers a discount on drinks. Watching it, and that you don’t have got drunk and behaved like a pig. At the bottom of the glass live smart chip with NFC technology, which considers information as soon as you hold a glass over the screen of your smartphone. Special application fixes the amount of intoxicating drink, and also helps to buy beer stocks (though for this institution will also need to connect to the system). Somehow, unknown to us, this is the miracle chip is able to determine the brand of beer. That is, if you have poured the lager, instead of ale you ordered, it you’ll be notified.

Glass and app complement each other. The owner Glassify there are lots of good opportunities: you can give a drink to one; to pay by the glass to pull out the money from her purse; and even to call a taxi, but about it further. To call a taxi you have to drink 5 glasses of beer. When ordering 6 glasses the app takes you to the page already another program where you can order a taxi. Thus, a product that allows you to raise the sale of alcohol (analysts argue that sales is able to rise to 13 %), in a strange way is opposed to excessive drinking.

manygoodtips.com_16.08.2016_dCaLx1b2G1MKpSeemingly, the innovation applies to a very narrow segment of the population that consumes only beer, and in bars. But think about what it may bring. Perhaps a beer glass go smart stack, and then smart forks and spoons, which, in turn, will lead to extremely comfortable (over time) method of payment.

Imagine that you are eating some steak, and the fork tells you: «enough, six months later, at this rate, you’ll get fat and nobody will love!». Artificial intelligence enters our house at the household level. Is it good? Bad? Who knows, but to live with this thing much more interesting.

Order a glass of beer can on the official website of the Israeli developers. But about the price until I can not say anything because the shop isn’t open yet. I hope that the developers will not follow the stereotypes and establish a pleasant price tag that will please the Russian and lover of beer.

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