Smart gadgets for trekking

manygoodtips.com_17.03.2014_hvdheX2Uc6WHvBreaking stereotypes is a good thing. From childhood we are told that geeks are such homebodies that don’t play football, hikes do not go to gymnastics to sit or hide behind the layoffs, and themselves at this time sneak podgryzayut granite is the most hated science. It’s all true, man, this attitude to the problem means that you are or smart, or strong, as if it is impossible to combine these advantages. So you can also can!

We found ten smart gadgets for Hiking: on the one hand, you’re in nature, and on the other, maintain the status of a genius.

1. Undemanding tablet is Earl


Is this tablet for survival – even where challenged smartphones and normal tablets. The Android 4.1 operating system, energy-saving ink display, built-in GPS, weather sensor and radiokomunikace. The GPS chipset determines the location of the well, movement direction and height above sea level.

2. Charger Power Trekk


A charger for a mobile phone that runs on water. Seriously, on the water! It’s even gadget two in one: it can serve as a battery, and can charge the mobile phone battery. Just insert the battery, add water, and cell phone will come to life. The magic is done via USB and the socket you no longer need.

3. Multigadget Eton Scorpion

It is generally a gift of fate! Operates from solar panels and if it’s just twist and is able to perform many things. Ready? This flashlight, radio, USB charger for your opener and maybe your new best friend.

4. Water purifier SteriPen


It uses UV rays to purify water, and that means you don’t have to be painful to recall school lessons. Thing traditional destroys 99.9% of harmful microorganisms and can work as a flashlight.

5. Garden shower


No brainer: the best part of the hike is to sit under the stars, sleeping in a tent and cook pasta with stew on the fire, and in the morning feel like a caterpillar in a sleeping bag. But all this does not negate the need for hygiene. Camping shower – what you need. The water heats up from the sun in just eight minutes, and the tank holds 20 litres.

6. BoLite is a high – tech field kitchen


An indispensable tool for all who have problems with the incitement of a full-fledged fire. Oven cooks the Lunches and dinners on some branches that you can easily up the road. The heat of the fire turns into the usual urban resident power, so that the furnace can even charge your gadgets while cooking dinner. Until then walked progress!

7. Case for iPhone Eton Mobius

Now the iPhone is charging in the light. That’s fine. You yourself understand perfectly.

8. Serpa 50 — battery


Universal charger all for just. From the wall outlet to charge it for 2-3 hours, 4-6 cars, solar – 5-10. But then, you can plug the chargers of all kinds, laptop, tablet, etc Great stuff!

9. Rechargeable LED lantern on his forehead


This flashlight with four brightness levels in the event of an accident, and he can Shine far and wide. The charge lasts for 18 hours, then the lamp is rechargeable via a USB port. Gorgeous.

10. Bottle filter

You drink – it filters, very convenient. Do you understand? Pour in a bottle of dirty water, and in the neck of the filter, so you already drink purified water, without filtration and boiling. Great investment. Now there is no problem with plastic bottles and recycling, to nature, nor find water – even from a puddle scoop!

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