Smart beer bottle


Beer is still the most convivial drink. In spite of everything. Don’t know why it happened.


And why in the age of high technology not to make beer even more technical? Heineken introduced the world to a new development that is called «Ignite». In fact, it’s digital… a bottle of beer.


At first glance, this is a common beer bottle… But only at first. She is able to Shine during the toast, blinking, when empty, to change colors to the beat of the music, Shine brightly when it clink. Cool they came up with!

On the bottom of the bottle there is a small compartment where installed 8 LEDs, an 8-bit processor, accelerometer, gyro, battery and wireless transceiver with antenna. All this is placed on a Board the size of a small coin. Ah, Yes, the bottle distributes Wi-Fi. This bottle was released for the sake of experiment, to bring people together during a party. It is obvious that the availability of the Internet pretty brings people sitting in different corners of the room, buried in their devices.

As long as people produced only 200 of these bottles. In our view, the obvious advantage is: throw this bottle was a pity.

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