Small victories that we receive every day

small victories

To win is not everything, but the victory is already something. We are not all professional athletes, athletes or businessmen giant business, but despite this we, ordinary people, too, can win — and moreover for every day. There are things that are given to us relatively easy and incredibly uplifting. Read our list — maybe today, you already won. And maybe not even one.

1. To find the money

There is nothing better in this world than to get money for nothing. Find autumn jacket or jeans pocket long abandoned a hundred rubles — this is such good luck, keep me seven. It is clear that the money you once earned and what you were just stupid enough to forget about their existence. But don’t spoil these thoughts point: take the money and be happy. Likewise nice to find money on the pavement or on the floor in the store. One caveat: this finding, in my view, need to skip and not buy her anything important, because easy money and easy, so nothing serious for them not to buy.

2. To prove that you’re right

I remember in one American series, the heroine there was even a special dance, «I told you so» just for such occasions. It’s nice to be right and to have it all unconditionally admitted, realizing that further there’s no denying it. You’re right, dude, you’re done, you knew what you said, you proved all and conquered all, and now can rightfully be shining in glory. At least a little. To enjoy the moment.

3. To find an answer biting

What I hate, that the so-called effect of the stairs. Each of us at least once in my life experienced something similar, telling you stuff, and you’re babbling in response to something unintelligible, and then, when the moment is over, you suddenly illuminates what you were supposed to reply to those nasty words. Therefore, whenever appropriate and, moreover, a witty response is coming to you on time, it’s a small victory. Voiced it immediately, but not very hurry, so it sounded triumphantly, and this asshole, let him wipe. So that’s something.

4. To find a good Parking spot

When all the roadside plastered with cars, and the street is so arranged that there is simply no suitable places to Park a decent reason for joy is to find a free place in which your car fits well, just perfect. Or, for example, when the space right in front of your nose, as if specially for you. It would be possible to open champagne, if you hadn’t been driving.

5. To win an argument

What else is cool in small victories so that when they bring you money, as we already said in the first paragraph. Imagine that you and your friend had a fight, and then it turned out that you had won. It happens rarely: not often I bet on money, but on something else, e.g. a drink, a meal or a stupid job, even so the benefits are already good. It would be like to find the money and be right at the same time.

6. A great cook

Sometimes it happens that you try, prepare, and exhaust get a whole pot some garbage. Why this is happening, hard to say. I like to think that some days are just not meant for cooking, and if I feel that all zavalitsya, I (even at the most unexpected moment) turn off the stove and go to restaurant or cafe (if I’m rich today), or make bichpaket (if I am poor today — but pot noodles have its own charm). But when the food turns out very tasty, this certain wines.

7. Catch what is crashing

When I throw the ball, not catch it — disgraceful. Although anything can happen. But when something falls, it usually occurs unexpectedly, and catch is much more important than the ball because the fall is usually preceded by disaster. Clearly, the local scale. To catch a falling bottle of wine, or a glass, or ketchup bottle, which slipped from his hands and flew away while you were stirring its contents — this is a real victory. With this should be congratulated.

8. Open the jar

Banks on the line close machine, but because girlfriends are not always able to cope with them. If you open a can for myself, this is no victory: opened and opened. But when you asked that friend and you in the clothes of a hero in one fell swoop opened up for her ill-fated Bank is a full — fledged victory. Besides, now you are and feed.

9. To be the only one who answered the question

Moreover has got it right. It is very important for work or seminars in the University: you ask about something, all pointedly silent, start to look at the walls or tables, and you answer seems obvious, but you are afraid to say it. Why? It is obvious, and nobody’s talking about it — so probably it is not true, can’t the people around to be so lame. Can. If you find the courage and answer, and the answer is correct, it is superposed. You’re done, you’re on a roll, all excited, give me our first prize.

10. Remember that are always forgotten

Well, there is always going to do something and always forget. Then I remember and it’s late. For example, you always forget to buy a hook for towels in the bathroom, and he’ll really need, because the hooks there too little. You always forget, forget and forget, but once in the store you think of the idea of this ill-fated hook, and you finally deal with the case hanging over you the sword of Damocles for a good six months. Finally, let me shake your hand!

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