Small thing — big difference

If you want to change something in your life, this one idea makes you nervous. Say you want to lose ten pounds, quit your job, start your own business — all this attracts you, but the first step seems too heavy.

And you don’t need leaps and bounds chaise, which at one stroke will change your whole life. Small and simple changes help move forward steadily. They are quite simple, they can be overcome and you can hardly throw attempts in a couple of days if they require from you minimum of effort. You should try it.

Set the alarm half an hour earlier

We are always short of time, especially if we are planning to start something new. Maybe you want to write a book, exercise or take a walk to gather my thoughts, but you don’t have the time. Instead of overloading your schedule and clutter in addition to conventional Affairs, and a new, try to set the alarm half an hour earlier. Additional 30 minutes in the morning before work — this is important.

Go out for a 20 minute walk before dinner

Everyone knows how important it is to exercise, because it charges us with energy and reduces the risk of serious diseases. And how many people are involved in sports on a regular basis?

Instead of once again to curse and to swear to myself that I would start to run tomorrow morning, have pity on yourself and be realistic. Just go for a 20 minute walk every day before dinner. You can go to the nearest shop for fresh vegetables or just around the neighbourhood.

Keep on the table a bottle of water

You probably read how much water you should drink per day, but still can not cope? Do you drink water or limited only by tea, coffee and soda? Many do, because they are used, and because these drinks are affordable.

The easiest way to drink more water is to put a water bottle on your Desk. So the water will always be at your fingertips and you can drink it at any time. The main thing — to close the lid so you don’t accidentally pour it, awkwardly waving his hand.

Hide the TV remote and put it on the

Watching TV is fine — almost everyone does it. The problem is that for many of us, it becomes self-evident lesson, it is so easy to come home, on the couch, grab the remote and forget.

If you’re trying to overcome the habit, put the remote control away from yourself. Hide it under the sofa or on the top shelf. So you have to really make the decision to watch TV.

You can become an even bigger is to put on the sofa the book you want to read. So you go up to the rookery, you find a book and do not want to climb over the console.

Take lunch with you to work

Trying to finally choose a healthy diet and save money? Tired of spending half your lunch break in a queue? So take food with you.

It will cost you much cheaper than eating in the dining room, not to mention business Lunches, and then, it’s not so hard to put food. The more you know what to cook, and once it does not believe, and then you won’t get fat.

Consciously come to the hike in food

Many of us have this weakness — a daily look into the nearest coffee shop on the way to work, from work or during lunch break. First, you did it out of curiosity and then it became a habit. Or at the Mall you cannot go past the food court and not buy something just because I was used to. This behavior of the unconscious person who does not analyze his actions. Not very nice to live on autopilot — as if he can’t control. Are you including the control! Feet carry you in the direction of a café — ask yourself if you’re hungry.

Write a shopping list

Otherwise, you will continue to spend money on something you don’t particularly need, and forget about the Essentials. A little planning — and the trick is done. Think what you want to have lunch or dinner in the upcoming week, write it down on a piece of paper the ingredients and a clear conscience go to the store. It will take you five minutes and will save a lot of money.

Finally do the thing that is so long overdue

We all sin that from time to time put off the case to which we have no mood. It can be anything: a phone call, cleaning or other small chores.

The strange thing is: after you deal with the fact that the constantly postponed, you feel almost a hero. Try to assign for each day in one case — and the mountain of household duties going to move forward, and in a week you will forget all about the boring string of Affairs, which is the sword of Damocles hung over you since time immemorial.

Thank someone

A tiny change, which at first glance does not seem you need. Believe me, it is not so. If you say «thank you» to at least one person every day, this will significantly improve your relationship with others, and mood.

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