Small male cute male

As you know, the most important criterion of choice in frog female a male is like cool bro green frog sings in the choir.

But again, scientists who are accustomed to interfere in the lives of all living things, found something that can reshape the idea of living green amphibians.

It turns out that while large, scary, beautiful and very melodic males injure their green throats (or whatever they have, man) and cheeks, smaller counterparts refuse to participate in the game. But refuse not quite: instead, they simply use the fact that the stronger brothers are busy, and grab yourself a female that is closer.

Scientists scored 10 males, some were fed very well, so they grew up in a decent green beauties, and others were fed just to keep them at least a bit of life. And then released the frogs into the pond. The situation described above, fully repeated and confirmed.

Scientists noticed that such a strategy depends on the size and not the degree of fullness and vocal green male.

Use the moment, a small but lively bro!

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