Small Breasts rule the world, and she is five reasons

manygoodtips.com_26.02.2014_XAEXdo96ntw44The chest — hardly the most attractive part of the female body, though, according to the results of the survey in our Vkontakte, men also pay more attention to the ass. Breasts attracts men, it’s a real joy for our eyes and hands. But we can not decide which breast is best.

On the one hand, attract the luxurious form — when, that is, there is something. A woman with curves charms us with at least one biological and unaware of us the reason that its figure refers to the capacity to give birth to healthy offspring, but evolution has taught us to want healthy offspring.

On the other hand, an interesting phenomenon artificial Breasts (I almost wrote «sham»). All to death concerned about the silicone: to swing or not to swing? To love or not to love? To mock or not to mock? Although, if silicone breast cost of some ten thousand, that’s the issue probably resolved itself: every second sported with artificial wealth.

And what about small Breasts? Beautiful or ugly? Whether we like or not? For me personally, the answer is simple: she’s the coolest because…

1. She does not droop

manygoodtips.com_26.02.2014_7oAAGDNtCg7liOr hang down much slower. Gravity’s a bitch, she always goes where he’s not asked. It would seem, hangs himself in the chest, no one touches. In the meantime, the force of gravity pulls it down and deforms with enviable stubbornness. Weighs less than the Breasts, the less above it exerts gravity, which means it’s less hang — voila!

2. It fits in your hand

manygoodtips.com_26.02.2014_GNKnK8pmFZ2QaThis has a certain charm. It’s nice when you don’t stroke the vast expanses and make the breast in your hand: time. You feel like a big strong man with big strong hands, and not a schoolboy, which first seized upon content underwear overage ladies — lovers adventure. Helps to do it gender role.

3. Linen is truly beautiful

manygoodtips.com_26.02.2014_sW8krz9iccz07I responsibly declare: underwear girls with small Breasts in 80% of cases more than covers for the tanks who are the girls with a size above the third. Don’t know why. Maybe the lingerie manufacturers are guided by models and all are made in mini format rather than in format «Maxi». Maybe the fact that big Breasts are heavier (Hello, first paragraph!), and therefore requires more effort to hold it in place. In the end we have thick straps and broad bra that hooks in three or four hooks. Three hook! It’s a mockery of my aesthetic taste! In such a harness, a woman ceases to be a graceful and becoming almost a knight in armor. In elastic armor.

4. But you can no underwear…

manygoodtips.com_26.02.2014_kxERDjVsSLDGJOh, by the way, why do Laundry? Big-breasted women in clothes from naked body look shapeless, as if they and not women, dressed in the snow or mountains test. Girls with small Breasts, on the contrary, from the lack of underwear will only benefit! Look nice, the shape of the lures, and touch — a pleasure. Of course, this is the interesting point.

5. She looks like assembled…

Pora was.kom.ua_26.02.2014_LKHteulGIlVrKI see a large chest, it seems lazy and amorphous — a large conglomeration of fat cells, rasplyvetsya, sad, boring, even dull. Small Breasts — is another matter. She looks collected, neat, nice, interesting and more friendly. Yay!

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