Small and proud multitool 9 in 1


Multitools — these are the weapons bro. Man it would be nice to carry a few tools just in case. Rucastle — that is, in the opinion of Clint Eastwood, distinguishes a real man from not man.

To carry bulky bags with a variety of tools is inconvenient and pointless, but any pocket knife or something in the spirit of the multitool is a really cool and modern.

Today multitool keychain with nine different functions. First, the multi-tool is stylish and conveniently disassembled into its component parts. It has almost everything you need in life dude. In stock pliers, wire cutter, crimper, bottle opener, two flat screwdrivers, two Phillips screwdrivers and screwdrivers for other types of fasteners, wire stripper.

For all of the sysadmin work available. Quite convenient. Stainless steel, very high quality. The cost is $ 10. You can buy


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