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manygoodtips.com_17.06.2015_e6iArLHJddzuvStallone has always created the impression of a simple, sincere and very cheerful kind of guy you want to chat over life, to make a movie and go to the gym. And climbs out of him this kindness. And the first thing I want to ask him is advice on how to achieve in life. Because looking at him now (a successful actor, producer, Director, screenwriter), it’s hard to imagine when he predicted the unenviable fate of being roasted in the electric chair. He was considered idiot, and he did not lose patience and spit on his injury, managed to reach unprecedented heights, rent wonderful movies (what «rocky» is) and to charm his sad Italian eyes the entire female population. Well, his musculature, he still inspires millions of dudes around the world to play sports. So honor his quote. For someone they will be useful, and someone will just be nice to know Sly a little better.


1. About how difficult it is to live alone among women

«I was the only male in the family, even the dog is female, the maid-woman, three daughters, a wife. However, there is one dog, but he’s neutered… So I’m the only real man in the family. On the one hand is fantastic, around you beautiful women, on the other hand it is awful when they start all together to talk.»

2. About school and favorite teachers

«When I was in school, teachers often said that I’ll finish the electric chair.»

3. On the same film

«I played a stud who invited those wishing to party through a newspaper ad. It came about ten, kiss and cuddle. By today’s standards the film almost would have passed parental censorship.»

4. About the responsive nature

«I’m a sensitive writer, actor and Director. Conversations about business disgust me. If you want to talk business, call my disgusting personal Manager.»

5. About his unearthly beauty

«Comparing me with a bulldog, you would say the bulldog is cuter.»

6. Sly controversial

The first man says:

«I have great respect for women to marry them. But this does not mean that it is impossible to support them morally and financially.»

And then:

«A person can prove that he respects the woman, only married to her.»

7. About favorite movie characters

«Rambo is not cruel. For me he is a philanthropist.»

8. About world peace

«I could start a war in 30 seconds. But some countries spend 100 years trying to make peace. Like good manners, peace has to be taught.»

9. The importance of clothing

«Clothing is the first step on the road to creating the image.»

10. About his role in life and a bit of boasting

«I consider myself something of a storyteller. I have quite a cheeky sense of humor.»

11. About life

«Life is more than sunglasses and hit film.»

12. About their talents

«I think I’m much better as an artist, not as an actor.»


13. The moral muscles

«Remember the mind is your best muscle.»

14. Once more about yourself

«I’m like a racehorse. What you feed it so it will run.»

15. About mentor

«All my life I trained, but you’re not smart, you need a coach. You have to go to the gym, you assess and you charge. You can not train yourself. I also belong to the Church. The Church is a gym for the soul.»

16. A little bragging

«I’m not the richest, the smartest or most talented person in the world, but I succeed because I keep going, and going, and going.»

17. About the complexity of life’s journey

«You will accomplish nothing until you are experiencing a period of despair.»

18. About life after life

«In my next life I would be a Raven, peacefully watching life and – God forbid! – not to deal with people.»

19. About the wonderful character

«I kept saying, I’m more than rocky. But the truth is that it is not. I would like to be at least half of it. I was a fool. Rocky is one of the most honest of my creations.»

20. On the way

«I must do what’s expected of me by the audience. Let’s face it: there is a relationship between me, rocky and Rambo. Over the years it has become difficult to tell the difference between real and fictional people. When I use their artistic abilities and show another side of myself that I reject. OK, that’s fine by me. I am the stereotype, and nothing can do about it.»

21. That tired

«Every morning I crawl out of bed and ask yourself: «do I need it?» And trudge to the gym in the garage. It’s no fun, and I hate it. I do it alone, raise the bar. I have 25 different complex machines, I’m alone, I want to sleep, the whole body hurts, and you look at them, each with 160 pounds, and the heaviest thing you’ve lifted in the last eight hours, is a pillow.»

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