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Hi guys, I have a practical question.)) Recently bought winter boots, but these assholes were so slippery that the smallest breeze I can roll them further than Plushenko on his skates.) Question: how do I deal with this problem??


Hey, dude! What a pity that you did not wait for our article on how to properly select shoes . Anyway, the shoes are already purchased and, apparently, very you like, just do not dare to take them back to the store. Not to do triple toe loop as Plushenko, and tackles the ice like Sub-zero, can be tested several ways. As they say, desperate situations does not happen. Especially if the head on your shoulders and hands grow from the right place.


Let’s start our short excursion. For example, in order to make the sole more reliable, there are special stickers that will help to increase the frictional force and, therefore, less slip. If you can’t find these, buy a normal patch at any pharmacy and «decorate» them to the sole. Disadvantage of this method is the fragility: perhaps due to the constant exposure to moisture you have to change the stickers several times a day.


There are simple grandma’s method – the use of felt soles. So, fabric from old boots enough to stick to the rubbed sole, wait for drying and easily walk even in the terrible ice. But this solution is not for the ages: in the best case, you will be able to go all winter. If felt, there is a variant easier: sole degreased with alcohol, apply a small zigzag of glue, sprinkled with sand and wait. After 10-12 hours you can walk on slippery streets and not be afraid of ridiculous drops.


Will continue to guide traditional methods. If you work on the school was at least four, you know what sandpaper is. Carefully treating her sole, can briefly protect yourself from embarrassing falls on slippery areas. Don’t overdo it – it will RUB a hole in the boots and will have to part with a favorite pair of shoes.


Another extraordinary way to make shoes non-slip – the use of raw potatoes. However, if you’re not a potato magnate, this option will be costly from a financial point of view to RUB the sole of it is necessary before each exit to the street.


If neither a folk remedy you don’t want, consult a professional Shoe repair. The wizard will make the prevention of slip, for example, glued to the sole, a small rubber strip, which for a long time will protect your shoes from slipping, and, as a consequence, you from injuries during ice.

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