SleepPhones headphones that help you sleep


Very often something absolutely prevents us awake: the baby on the floor above, the people behind the wall, cars on the street — we need the perfect atmosphere for sleep, and to achieve it is not so simple. Sometimes it seems that you can pay any money just to sleep as a white man (sorry, tolerant people).

To headphones SleepPhones can connect your favorite iPad or iPod and in complete silence listening to music. The most notable feature of the headphones is still the possibility to create complete silence. They do not restrict movement, do not constrict the head, and they can also be used as a blindfold, if you are confused by going from a light.

Don’t be afraid to sleep — you can set the timer for a certain period of time to Wake up on time. A beep will alert you that it is necessary to rise.

Want to sleep? Get these headphones, they put white noise on sleep and health, man. Cost $ 40 on

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