Slavoj Zizek: opinions about humanity provocateur

manygoodtips.com_6.10.2016_W1b97SbZNbfeMIn the modern world of philosophy there is no figure more popular Slavoj Zizek. In its path it is the same star, like Einstein in physics. It draws attention not only because of the peculiar sounds to the Russian ear name. It is important what he says. Radical provocateur, who argues with the impulsiveness of a dictator that all is not always what it seems, and that is almost all hidden encrypted contradiction.

Critics call him «the Borat of philosophy», and he is a monster and crazy. However, despite his aloof and unkempt appearance, which generates likely Association with a grizzly bear than a modern philosopher, watching his films and listening to his stories about his lifestyle, it is possible to agree with this. Only here at all, even the most radical expressions like «the Problem with Hitler is that he wasn’t that cruel» is the logic and real truth. Just think.


If you really believe in God, then everything is permitted. Only it is necessary to believe really. Then you become a tool of the Lord and justify any act thus.The case, as you can see, in the prayer and candlelight, and in the true faith. Going to Church and thought about that for a good prayer to you sins will be forgiven, a crime.

On the need

According to Plato, the singing is the most dangerous kind of human activity. Let the man sing, and he will return to the animal state. But to ban the singing is impossible. The kings then figure out how to secure it is to allow only military songs.Here’s a graceful allegory on the current state of policy in individual countries. Human needs are very easily taken under the supervision of officials and used for their benefit.

About openness

«Imagine that we have a little meeting of the Central Committee. One person stands up and says: «Comrade Stalin made a mistake!». Of course, the next day would be shot. Now imagine that immediately after the first gets the other person and says: «are You crazy? We can’t criticize the President». It will shoot even faster — he’s more dangerous. Sometimes naive openness — the best of undermining the regime.»Glory loves to cite the example of Joseph Stalin and the Russian realities, which are carefully monitored. This is no accident — education in socialist countries and painstaking study of Marx’s «Capital» make themselves felt. In addition, he likes to analyze dictators, because they provide much food for thought and very simple to understand detail.

Well, about openness — it’s no wonder that you feel is much more important to think correctly. Kind of sad happens when the ideals of the dictatorship is correspond to current realities.

On the consumption

«Healthy» consumption — this is when you consume something without its real essence: donuts without sugar, coffee without caffeine, sex without having sex.The society paraded potreblenia products to buy for a bright package, and not because of real needs. Remember Fight club and the narrator bought countless dishes from IKEA. Here it is, consumption for consumption, expensive clothes and a car can not afford to look respectable, and so on and so forth.

About sex

Work.yak.ua_6.10.2016_G9zSiwvtT2O20Otherwise the world would be so moved on it, and the price of love would not be so negligible.

And again about sex

I have a very strange limitations. I am very — well, again, the details, to hell with them. I could never engage in anal sex with a woman — even when she wanted to. Do you know why? Because I could not convince myself that she actually enjoys. I always had a suspicion — what if she’s just pretending to seem more attractive to me? Same thing with the blowjobs: I’ve never been able to cum in the woman mouth, because, again, I had the idea that it is not the most delicious liquid. What if she’s just pretending?In fact, when people sees a real, natural chemistry of the relationship is enough for them to copulate with the reproductive organs. But chemistry between people is no more, society has become vulgar, and the excess of sex in the culture and a flashy, ostentatious eroticism brought a troubled generation with eternal dissatisfaction. Gluttony and global dissatisfaction has forced us to use all the holes.

Don’t want to be a hypocrite: on the one hand, it’s good, but on the other, we have turned sex to that described above. We felt better without need for drilling to new depths? Would feel.

By the way, Fame has been married 4 times. His last wife to a paedophile’s wet dream. Knows, the parasite, he says.

About the debt to nature

«When you buy organically grown apples, they do so for ideological reasons, because you feel better: I did something for Mother Earth and so on. But how are we involved in this? It is about involvement. Paradoxically, we do these things, to actually do nothing. You just feel better. You hand over waste for disposal, you send £ 5 a month, some orphan from Somalia, you are doing your duty.»This does not mean that you need to stop at least do something to help nature, not just need to make this a global event.

On the dark night of the soul

I don’t believe in looking inward. If you look inside yourself, you will find there’s a lot of shit. On the contrary, I believe that we need to pull themselves out of themselves. The truth is not in us. She’s outside.Because digging in your shit you can inadvertently choke the unpleasant substance. Raised the issue — winery away from sin.

Of man and reality

Now Zen Buddhism perceive so that it is not necessary to fully engage in the reality that we should not get too attached to the objects of reality as external reality is just a stream of external events. And I believe in absolutely the opposite: I believe that we must fully merge with the objects of reality. If you’re writing a book, forget about everything else, immerse yourself in it. If you fell in love, go to the end, sacrifice everything for the object of his adoration. That’s why now no one wants to fall in love. We want the feeling was under control. As safe sex. But what I appreciate in love — this is the time of the uncontrolled dive. And this brings us back to the very beginning: I think Hegel already knew that Adam’s fall was a remarkable achievement, a remarkable event in history.You can protect the Eastern philosophy, but an ideal still gives a real immersion in the material. Otherwise born, the above-mentioned potreblyadstvo.

About man and happiness


«Happiness was never important. The problem is that we don’t know what we really want. We become happy when we get what we wanted. Only when we dream about it. So I think that life in the deep satisfaction that life is a constant struggle, especially with himself. We all remember Gordon Gekko from «wall street», played by Michael Douglas. He said Breakfast is for wimps, but if you need a friend, it is better to get a dog. I think of the happiness you could say something similar. If you want to remain happy, just remain stupid. Geniuses are never happy. Happiness is a category of slaves.»With this axiom it is possible to disagree only in that case if you are looking for happiness in some global things. But then these words you don’t need. Don’t forget that Zizek is a controversial postmodernist and radical to the bone. And such people by definition peculiar relationship to the concept of happiness.

About boredom

It seems to me that boredom is the root cause of any of this act. Kierkegaard is one of my favorite thinkers, wrote that God created the world from the fact that he was bored, it was boring alone. Then Adam got bored, so God created eve. Then lonely people became sad, and they created communities. Then we Europeans got bored and we started colonization. Now we got bored on our Land, and we want to travel into space. Boredom opens up a space for new beginnings. No boredom — no creativity. If you bored, so you just stupidly enjoy who you are and where you are.There is some truth in the statement of the great existentialist and postmodernist. Boredom has forced people to come up with computer and Board games. Boredom drives a man to the joys and pleasures. And the same anal sex, which žižek afraid of fire, became popular from postulasti classic intercourse.

Of the violation

manygoodtips.com_6.10.2016_f5Assz2ULIpR8Well, all human senses too low.

About tolerance

Liberal attitude to the other is characterized by openness and respect for otherness, and yet the obsessive fear of harassment. In short, the other is welcome only as long as his presence is not Intrusive, that is, as long as it is not the other. Thus, tolerance coincides with its opposite. It is my duty to be tolerant towards another actually means that I shouldn’t approach him or too close to it, that I should not interfere in their space. In other words, I should respect his intolerance towards my over-proximity. It becomes a basic human right of advanced capitalist society.If I understand, those who protect tolerance, intolerance to other people. Then they should be punished? Don’t use that term, not to discredit the society. Just after one-sided laws that protect one group of people and make vulnerable other (gays, believers and the immigrants, you’re safe), it seems that society rests only on her. And if it is removed, the harmony and equality back to the planet.

About the gift and respect for the culture

To be a computer expert or a successful Manager today is a gift of nature, and beautiful lips and eyes — a fact of culture.No matter how much he wrote about people, who with their head and hands earned itself the status of gods, it won’t be enough, yet the culture promotes stupidity violently. Just the culture of mass, by definition, pushes into the brain of the obviously more simple things, and they are more attractive.

The desire

The primary question is not even a question of «What do I want?» but «What do others want from me? What do they see in me?»Glory reminds us of how we depend on society, actually depriving themselves of the slightest importance.

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