Slavery and sex

Sex has always been the engine of human activities. So we arranged that if we discard all external tripe, then we will excite only two questions: «what to eat?» and «where to have sex?». Either you romance, high sense, no style. Everything is easy, otherwise we wouldn’t be animals.

One way or another, but when one of the fundamental bases of human life is sex, there is nothing surprising in the phenomenon of sexual slavery.

In General, we must pay tribute to the Christian religion, which is largely due to its dogmas kept the slave trade in Europe. The concept of «slavery» was contrary to Christianity. But it will be fair enough to recall the fact that in the middle ages slavery has not disappeared and has flourished in numerous wars.

manygoodtips.com_16.06.2015_OeONn0sYvewrPBut what about the earlier period? If to speak about prostitution as a phenomenon, it is not condemned. It was not even regarded as a necessary evil. Prostitutes, speaking about the Hellenes, rather, were priestesses of love, not the criminal element. Polytheism in different forms encouraged prostitution. And it’s not just about the Greek policies, but also the Eastern kingdoms, where the cult of loving goddesses has always been very popular among the population.

Sexual slavery was common, and always went hand in hand with the wars. Numerous concubines were often of foreign origin. For a long time, even before the moment, when the authorities in Rome began coming tyrants, no Roman ever imagined that his daughter may be the sex slave of some warlord. Then it changed, and the killings and forced sex noble citizens of Rome have become very popular in the insane despots. Otherwise, everything was just according to the law of war. Women are the trophy and the booty as men, which could be used for various heavy duty works. The class of slaves in ancient times were very numerous. Of course, they rebelled, which, however, in essence, almost all were failures. Even the revolt of Spartacus, the Roman Gladiator, proved fatal to their leader. Despite the success, he was able to destroy several Roman legions, and two consular armies) and his army of slaves was completely broken. But these uprisings tell us about how numerous was the class of slaves.

With the advent of Christianity, slavery was illegal. Owning man could only the Christian God and no other. The sanctuary of many pagan gods were either destroyed or converted into churches. Prostitution was condemned by the Church hierarchy, supporters of the goddess of love, and indeed all the deities, began to pursue. But the phenomenon itself has not disappeared, still the army, devastating the whole region, force was used «services» of local women.

Slavery, including sexual, is widely practiced on the territory of Crimea. Especially at a time when the power over the Peninsula was ceded to Genoa. The colony of these enterprising Italians literally lived by Slavic slaves that were transported to the lands of the Ottoman Empire. Themselves as slaves for trade has provided the nomadic tribes that raided the Russian land. Although in the end these colonies were captured by the Ottomans. However, not for a long time.

The history should be treated very impartially. Although it is sometimes very difficult. For example, a very recent event, namely world war I, which occurred in the twentieth century, also served as an example of sexual slavery. Moreover, there is no nation which did not take part. War is always a catalyst for all the negative manifestations of the human personality, but it may also be the cause of the manifestations of heroic and humanity that happens much less frequently.

manygoodtips.com_16.06.2015_BmSnGBZ4FXjYdIn General, extreme conditions are always extreme conditions, and people are people. There are numerous brothels in the occupied territories of German; a similar institution was created by the Japanese command in occupied China, Korea, and they were called «Comfort Stations» (quite a beautiful name, Yes). Tens of thousands of young girls by force were driven to these institutions to meet the needs of soldiers. In these brothels was dominated by coercion and brutality. All were 400 such stations.

No matter morning or afternoon, and one soldier came out, another immediately came in. We tried to dissuade each other from suicide, but the cases were still. Some stole from soldiers the opium and took it in large quantities, dying from a drug overdose. Other packs were taking an unfamiliar medication, hoping that this will interrupt their life. The third hung on his clothes in the toilet.

Pak Kumcu, one of the women for comfort.Recently, we can, due to the formation of the information society, easy to find proof that the allies were fully involved in violent forced sex. But also do not forget that in terms of total danger and under the threat of death become the «camp prostitute» is not the worst idea, to save his life. When we hear that even the Australian soldiers who took almost no part in the war, managed to take part in the rape, what can you say about the main players of this grinder?

But if in the European world slavery has long been considered taboo, and prostitution in General causes negative feedback of the masses of people, the world of Islam is not so categorical. Despite his fanaticism and rigid dogma, that Islamic countries are the main customers of «sex slaves». Extra proof that for many people the texts are always interpreted in favor of their own interests.

Hold.kom.ua_16.06.2015_z9SP6ZC1bwCGNArab slave trade has deep roots. She appeared since the formation of the Arab States. And in the period of the Fatimid Caliphate, the majority of slaves in the Arab world was of European origin. They were captured during the raider attacks on the coasts of Europe, as well as during the various wars. Historians estimate that between 650 and 1900, 10 to 18 million people were enslaved by Arab slave traders and taken from Europe.

manygoodtips.com_16.06.2015_q1bWbI3ht4XXDWhat has changed now? Of course, the methods were somewhat different, though still preserved, especially in the hot spots. ISIS is, you might say legitimized the territory of forced prostitution. The sex Jihad phenomenon that appeared in 2013, in light of the words of Saudi Sheikh Muhammad al-arifi. It is the product of a sick mind can hardly be called normal for human dignity. And again, religious dogma interpreted in such a way that prostitution is quite legal from the point of view of Sunni Islam. Although many religious figures have criticized this state of Affairs, but their criticism does not negate the fact that the mass of cases of prostitution and rape in the territories occupied by the Islamic state.

Young girls, besotted with words, radical religious figures, leave home and travel to the Mujahideen, hoping to find a godly husband or just to help the cause. But upon arrival, they discover that nothing but the physical humiliation and so-called «day of marriage», they will not receive. A case where 150 women from Fallujah have been executed by ISIS militants for their refusal of co-existence with the Islamists. Among the victims were pregnant women and minors. That such things are happening on this earth right now. Among Islamic sex jihadists, there are European women, immigrants from the CIS, but in the main they are members of immigrant families, which practice Islam.

ISIS has even issued a special instruction, which consists of 27 points and gives people guidance on how to rape, and use a slave like her to sell and to marry. The text was published by the publishing house of the Islamic state library, al-Himma (Al-Himma) under Su wa al-Jawab fial-Sabi wa-Riqab («Questions and answers about captive women and slaves»).

In addition to this religious sex Jihad, in the modern world there are the usual trade slaves for these purposes. Here come into force quirks. Many girls in order to marry secured man from Europe or USA, take part in such trade. Technically they sell themselves through bogus marriage Agency you can easily locate in the Internet space.

manygoodtips.com_16.06.2015_abeHdjD1K5fy1Recruitment itself can be carried out in other ways:

– fictitious employment;

– recruitment of women who have debts. Given the opportunity to work off the debt;

– a set of «models» and «models», participation in beauty contests.

Contrast to the usual prostitution is that of the victim, usually completely lose their freedom. Once the girls arrive in another country, for example, in the UAE (a very common house for sex slaves), they are selected papers of the girls forcibly «teach» to a new job. They become prostitutes, and the property of the owner. Some are lucky and they work perfectly on the rights of «VIP staff», but some cater to everybody’s first order master, these girls are living in filth and unsanitary conditions, and their life something like the life of animals. Many of them have created this situation by his own stupidity, but some were just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

As with any form of crime that is in demand, the slave trade, it is hardly possible to completely destroy. If there are people who will pay, then there will be those who are willing to sell. Military conflicts reinforce this state of Affairs, and cases of slave trade is not as small as it may seem at first glance. They occur both inside the country and on its borders (particularly with the escalation of the military conflict). Participation in trade take an entirely different people, and if buyers mostly live in the Arab world, the sellers are our fellow citizens. When the country’s financial instability, the number of sex slaves, consisting of representatives of disadvantaged countries increases. This explains the large number of slaves from the former USSR countries.

But there are places in the world where the number of slaves committed such crazy figures, which could only boast of the ancient world, when slavery was the social norm. Liberia, Sudan, Sierra Leone, Uganda and Mauritania as well as other poorest countries of the world can not cope with a similar problem. The number of slaves in Mauritania is 20% of the population from the total population. This is about 600 000 people. Although the Mauritanian authorities are trying to hide the existence of slavery, it is not going away. Slave owners are not prosecuted, but local fighters for the abolition of slavery often end up in prison.

Archaic form of business will not go away and continues to breathe in the twenty-first century.

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