Skull organizer space

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Each person needs to store various small things. Girls have it in all sorts of shells, boxes, boxes, pletenica, baskets — in short, have enough places to stick it. Dudes too, somewhere to store miscellaneous crap: for example, flash drives, coins, old telephones, any nonsense — in short, a lot of things. One of my friends there jade balls for hands retains, lighters and dice with a different number of faces.

But dude needs to keep their belongings in something really severe, to show everyone who’s boss, dude and all. So why not keep all the good… skull? Rather, in the bowl of the skull. Sincerely I can not understand it’s real or so beautiful made of plaster? Really I can’t.

However, the price is as it suggests: $ 62, we in the editorial is believed that can cost as much just a skull, though some think otherwise. And you can put candy… Interesting, and the beer will not leak?

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