Skills that impress women

Men’s magazines and websites often publish the results of surveys conducted among women on the topic that they are attracted to in males. Damn, in these studies, will not understand some of our friends underscore the importance of emotional intimacy with her husband, expressions of love, while others want to see him as a tough independent guy. In General, ladies are contradicting yourself.

Although understand they are not so difficult. The fact that women’s interests and desires are circulated immediately to the entire spectrum of masculinity: they are different in all women, and it is difficult to deduce the arithmetic mean is relevant to all friends at once. However, there are a certain set of skills that will impress any friend, but if you own several of them, and in General can pass for a guy with a broad Outlook. Some of the items on our list do not even actually skills — a result of little effort, but others to learn how to really difficult, they require a lot of time and effort. But nothing is impossible, we do not offer.

1. Knowledge of foreign languages


Difficulty: 8/10

Probably one of the most difficult skills that can be learned in adulthood. You need to be really interested in this and to make efforts, otherwise there will be no success. Special chic — not to flaunt your knowledge, but simply to use them if necessary. Women are intrigued by smart men. A night to learn the language impossible to learn to speak a overseas language is quite real — just have patience and desire.

2. Playing musical instruments

the guy with the guitar

Difficulty: 7/10

We already told you how to learn to play the guitar — Motel on a mustache! For beginners the possession of a musical instrument — it’s very striking that they do not understand how to get slender the sounds of a strange object. Playing a musical instrument, as well as the ability to speak foreign languages, says something about your character. And women tend to poetiziruet musicians, they immediately begin to think that you’re such a romantic and spiritual type.

3. The ability to repair the car

the guy repairing the car

Difficulty: 6/10

To fix the car difficult, especially if you never had the slightest idea how the engine works. However, this requires not so much knowledge. That is, not in order to repair the car, and to impress his girlfriend. Here you have enough banal understanding of the functioning of the machine, as well as the ability to diagnose damage: that knocks you, rattles. It makes a much better impression than if you open the hood and you will be puzzled stare at you open the inside of the car. But don’t forget: knowing the basics makes you look like a pseudo-mechanic, not the AC.

4. The ability to dance

couple dancing

Difficulty: 4/10

If you want to demonstrate how you are confident and easy to communicate, there’s nothing better than dancing. At first glance it seems that dancing is something incredibly complex, but in fact there is nothing supernatural: your body moves in rhythm with the music, what do you do at the same time, has a small value. Your enemies are uncertainty and modesty: constrained movement depressing.

5. The ability to cook


Difficulty: 3/10

Do not immediately sign up for cooking classes or buy expensive kitchen soup — start small. Every woman where it was not will be pleasantly surprised by the men’s ability and desire to cook. If he understands what he is doing, and knows the practical recipes — it will hit her twice. Bonus in the fact that you start better and tastier to eat. If you’re cooking classic dishes (steak and soup), just to expand your repertoire.

5. The athlete


Difficulty: 6/10

Women want to see you and the emotional, sensual side, and the rough virility, athletic body type is also masculine traits. If you play Golf, it certainly will impress your colleagues, but will not produce the desired impression on women, unlike Boxing, football or any other energetic and testosterone-soaked sport.

7. Of all trades master

the guy with the drill

Difficulty: 4/10

Such working skills include almost any homework: on the complexity of it has nothing to do with auto repair, but still have the necessary tools and know how to handle them is worth a lot. Women appreciate when a man does not CIT. On the Internet you can find service repair manual anything.

8. Skills in bed

couple in bed

Difficulty: 6/10

Sex is important — and not just by itself. In it, women see the reflection of your attitude, the emotional side.

9. The ability to look after themselves

the guy with the coat

Difficulty: 2/10

There’s a fine line: you look like a stupid hipster or like a slob. It is better to stay away from this dangerous neighborhood and choose something third. Just pay attention to their appearance, do not be lazy: the usual hygiene and normal cleanliness.

10. The ability to communicate

the guy talking on the phone

Difficulty: 6/10

You may think that it is not in any skill, especially when you spend time with your friends. But imagine yourself in the situation of communication with a friend, which is interesting to you and you do not know, and here communication becomes an art. Here is an important practice. Infinitely important to be able to listen to her and pay attention to what she says. You should skillfully combine empathy and confidence, as well as clearly Express their own thoughts. This skill can replace all the others, if you do it to perfection.

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